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Cats help solve crimes

Cats solving crimes; they're watching you.

Cats solving crimes; they’re watching you.

It all came down to the cat.

In the U.K., David Guy was found guilty in the murder of his neighbor, David Hilder. The key evidence? Eight cat hairs discovered on a curtain that the body had been wrapped in. Through DNA analysis, it was determined that the cat–named Tinker for those who are wondering–belonged to Guy, who had been viewed as a main suspect. Since the genetic makeup of the hair was quite rare, it helped the prosecution with their case.

It doesn’t take a Sherlock Holmes to figure out that millions of cat owners are unknowingly being marked by their feline companions. So all those evil guys out there who keep cats may think twice before committing their next crime. We all know how cat fur sticks to everything.

As for Tinker, she found a new home, hopefully with someone a little less inclined to offing neighbors.

Read the full story for more details.


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