Enter to Win the Purina Pro Plan Incredible Dog Sweepstakes

My dogs are incredible

They are incredibly loving, sweet, and beautiful.

Lilah, one of the dogs from Life with Dogs and Cats, is a sweet Border Collie mix.

Just look at Lilah’s smile!

They are  incredibly playful, smart, and joyful.

Tucker the dog from Life with Dogs and Cats, loves to play ball.

Tucker has a ball. All the time.

They are incredibly amusing, carefree, and creative.

Jasper from Life with Dogs and Cats loves to play in a pile of leaves.

Jasper thinks leaves make a really good bed.

No matter what kind of day I’ve had, they are always there to greet me and to tell me how much they missed me.

Tucker, Jasper and Lilah watch out the window for Mom's return.

Was that Mom’s car in the driveway?

No matter how you look at it…

Tucker, Jasper and Lilah show off their tail ends.

Am I the only one that thinks dog butts are cute?

they are incredible creatures whom I am lucky to share my life with.

Tucker, Jasper and Lilah: 3 beautiful, incredibly awesome dogs

My three incredible dogs: Tucker, Jasper and Lilah.

Enter a photo of your incredible dog to WIN a free bag of Purina Pro Plan

All dogs are incredible and I bet yours is too.

So when Purina Pro Plan asked if I wanted to hold a contest where people could send in photos of their incredible dogs, I said yes. (Full disclosure: they also gave me a PetSmart gift card, but don’t tell them I would have participated anyway. Besides, that card is going straight to my local shelter, the Somerset Regional Animal Shelter.) Today through December 24, post photos of your incredible pooch or pooches on the Life with Dogs and Cats Facebook or Twitter account (Be sure to use @WithDogsAndCats so I can see your post.)

Use the hashtag #GreatDog2014

Tag the photo with #GreatDog2014 and tell me why your dog was great in 2014 (and always!) Did she conquer her fears like Lilah learning to touch an umbrella? Or maybe he showed his smarts by puzzling out a problem like when Tucker figured out how to get his ball out of the pool this summer.

I get to choose three winners who will receive Purina Pro Plan coupons valued at $17.99, each–basically a free bag of Purina Pro Plan for each winner. Even if you don’t use Purina Pro Plan, I’m sure there’s a shelter in your neighborhood who could use the coupon.

How will I choose? I’ll rely on my smile meter. Post the photo that you think will elicit a great big grin!

The three winners are:

  • Trish Rivers
  • Kelly Ann Thuet
  • Yvonne Hamel

But wait! There’s more! You can win a trip to the Purina Pro Plan Incredible Dog Challenge® Western Regionals

Anyone can enter with no purchase necessary for a chance to win an incredible prize that includes:

  • 2 round-trip plane tickets to Huntington Beach, CA for the Incredible Dog Challenge® Western Regionals
  • A 3-day, 2-night hotel stay
  • Ground transportation and spending money
  • Plus a $500 PetSmart® gift card

Get the details here. 

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  1. Yvonne says:

    I swear my Dixie is your Tucker’s little sister. I’ll hashtag her photo for you.

  2. What great pictures of your dogs. 🙂

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