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Photos: Flying Squirrels Boris and Natasha

In my last post, I introduced the flying squirrels who visit my bird feeders. Boris and Natasha have been visiting the peanut butter buffet every night, and are becoming a little less camera shy. Here are a few pictures from our most recent photo shoot.

The feeder is a double decker, but sometimes the little critters have trouble sharing. There was an awful lot of squeaking and skittering and leaping and flitting, which made it a tad difficult to get both squirrels in one picture, but I did manage to snap a few.

Flying squirrels on a feeder.

Boris and Natasha

Perhaps the paparazzi were too much for Natasha. Hiding her face, she turns away, giving us a good look at her white washcloth belly, so useful for gliding.


A flying squirrel sits on a feeder

No photos, please!

When I originally discovered Boris, he was nibbling from the suet feeder. I still spread a little Skippy on it every night and he often stops by there for a snack.

Flying squirrel on a suet feeder.

Suet is good, too.

A full bowl of food; what a great way to start the evening.

Flying squirrel eating peanut butter from a feeder.

Nom nom nom!

Peanut butter is just so good that you might as well get in the bowl with it to make sure you scrape out every last bit.

Flying squirrel eating peanut butter from a feeder.

Good to the last lick.


Flying squirrel eating peanut butter.

Just plain cute!

Hopefully Boris and Natasha will continue to visit. I’ll share pictures when I can.  My hope is catch one of them in flight!

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