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Why We Love Dogs: Celebrating Dogs for National Dog Week

Ninety years ago dog-lover Captain Will Judy declared that the last full week of September be National Dog Week—a time to celebrate and honor our canine family and friends.

Thanks to author Lisa Begin-Kruysman, who is the current shepherd of National Dog Week, this is a perfect time to appreciate the dogs of our lives.

Of course my dogs would tell you every week is National Dog Week and they would be happy to give you a crash course in how doggos celebrate the event. I’m sure every pupper has his or her own way to mark the day.

It’s also kind of of cool that the book Second-Chance Dogs: True Stories of the Dogs We Rescue and the Dogs Who Rescue Us—featuring two of my stories—was published in time for this special week.

So, even though I appreciate and celebrate and my dogs (and cats) throughout the year, I dedicate this post to them.

Why do we love dogs?

Dogs love you unconditionally.

Tucker, Lilah and Jasper, the dogs of today.

Tucker, Lilah and Jasper, the dogs of today.

Dogs stay with you always.

Rosie and Pasha, two of the dogs in my stories seen in Second-Chance Dogs..

Rosie and Pasha, two of my dogs who live on in my stories.

Dogs will wait for you forever.

Lilah, waiting.

Lilah, waiting.

Dogs make themselves at home anywhere.

Luckily pachysandra is quite hardy.

Luckily, pachysandra is quite hardy.

Dogs make friends everywhere.

Tucker and Calvin share a bed.

Tucker and Calvin share a bed.

Dogs know exactly how you feel.

This is Tucker's Monday face.

This is Tucker’s Monday face.

How are you and your pets celebrating National Dog Week?

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