Photo: Doggin’ the shadows

Black and White Sunday


Dog lies in the shadows of the tree

It’s early spring and even though the weather is still cool, a black dog like Lilah feels the heat of the sun more than the rest of us. She searches out patches of shade on the warmer days, finding relief from the heat in the shadows of the still-leafless tree limbs.

On hotter days, she’ll crawl under the rhododendrons or evergreens. When summer comes, we’ll put out a kiddie pool for her to cool off in, which she’ll have all to herself because the boys don’t like to get their feet wet.


How do your pets deal with the heat or the cold? Do they love sun puddles like my cats? Or are they more seekers of the cool caves like Lilah?


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  1. Torrey can’t do heat at all. Roxy lays in the sun, moves to the shade, back to the sun.

  2. slimdoggy says:

    Maggie, being a black lab is like Lilah. First she’ll lie in the sun and get nice and hot, and then she’ll climb in behind the bushes into her little cave she’s dug out to cool off.

  3. oh you have to move into the sun parts. Cool photo!

  4. Taryn says:

    Jimmy agrees 100%. He roasts pretty quickly on a sunny day!

  5. Looks like a great place to rest from all that playing!

  6. Misaki says:

    I quite like sunpuddles, but if its crazy hot then you’ll find me laying on the tiled kitchen floor

  7. Mr. N has a cooling vest. We went down to the park with it last summer and he was literally running circles around these dogs who were lying down panting.

    • A cooling vest. Never heard of that. Sounds like an awesome idea, though I’m not sure Lilah would like wearing anything, even if it makes her feel better. She’d rather jump in the kiddie pool. 😉

  8. We love the sun! The more sun the better.

  9. Marquie says:

    Such a pretty picture. Petal likes to wade in water or lie on cold tile or concrete when she’s hot, otherwise she seems to really love the sunshine.

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