Photo: Cat inspiration

I’m surrounded by inspiration when I write. Sometimes inspiration sits right on my lap. Or my laptop.  Like Calvin here.

My cat, my editor

Cats can be very helpful. They’re useful if you feel like procrastinating, or as I like to call it: pro-cats-stinating. That’s when you pet the purring cat instead of getting work done. Because. Well. He’s purring.

They also make good editors, walking across the keyboard at the best times, and adding thoughtful expressions like “m,iicrtczErweeeeeeeeeeee.” That’s not a word I use often, though the word I used when shooing the cat off the keyboard might have sounded something like that.

But I wouldn’t have it any other way. My cats–and my dogs–give me great joy; what’s a little fur on my keyboard between friends?

Where do you get your inspiration from?


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  1. We have the same thing happen here! It is funny to see what they type on their walk!

  2. Retro rover says:

    Cute laptop!
    Retro rover

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