Photo: Blank Canvas

Black and White Sunday


Three dogs contemplate the promised of untrampled snow.

The winter games are about to begin. Lilah, Tucker and Jasper contemplate the promise of untrampled snow. Oh, the possibilities! There’s something about the white stuff that brings out the puppy in everybody.

What does your dog (or cat) think about snow? Fun to run in? Eat? Dig? Or get me out of here; I want to go back where it’s warm.

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  1. slimdoggy says:

    We don’t get snow here in SoCal…but when I lived in upstate NY my dog MAX LOVED it. Her favorite was butt-tucked zoomies in fresh snow.

  2. Oh ya, snow angels, making tracks, so fun!

  3. melF says:

    LOL! So true! This made me laugh, because my mother asked my brother to bring his big dogs over to trample down the snow for her Sheltie, who hasn’t been able to go very far because the snow is so deep. They did just that yesterday and Boone, the younger one, hit every fresh spot of snow he could. 🙂

    My dogs love snow. It makes them silly and giddy and I love it. Have fun!

    • We’ve been lucky so far this year…lots of cold and lots of snow, but not more than 10 inches or so. Once it gets beyond that, our border collie mix, Lilah has trouble bouncing through it. She manages, and has fun, but it really tires her out. Of course, as they say, a tired dog is a good dog, so it’s all good. ;-D

  4. Dakota isn’t a huge fan of the snow and our cat? He could care less, he is an indoor cat 🙂

  5. Not for long! I love fresh powder! Love Dolly

  6. Marie says:

    No snow in London yet 🙁

    Gorgeous photo!

  7. Mr. N loves running in snow and Onyxx is like what’s all this? Let me back inside!

  8. Jan K says:

    Yay…fun in the snow! Our dogs love it. We haven’t had a lot this year, but we’re hoping for some fresh stuff this week. Our oldest beagle doesn’t play in it, but he likes to go out and eat it, and he’ll trudge through it when he has to!

  9. Wish I could say what my animals think, but none of them have ever seen snow! Perhaps one day… Happy B&W Sunday!

  10. We don’t have snow here but it’s great to see other people’s pictures of their dogs enjoying it 🙂

  11. Oh there is nothing better than pure, untouched snow. Love to get my paws on that!

  12. Marquie says:

    Love fresh, untouched snow! So pretty and so many possibilities. 😉 Petal likes to burrow her head in fresh snow, then she runs through it like crazy and only stops to catch her breath and snack on some of the snow. Petal is bonkers about the snow.
    Hope you guys had fun! I’m sure you did, how could you not? 😉

  13. We would love to have snow like that to play chase!

  14. Sugar LOVES it. Shared Sugar’s snow fun on our special moment post last Saturday. We have more SNOW to come this week. I bet the dogs LOVES it 🙂 Golden Woofs

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