Photo: Love will find a way

Black and White Sunday

Our cat Athena finds it amusing to sit on a chair and smack any dog that walks by.

She’ll also position herself on our coffee table so that Tucker has to go past her to give one of the people his Ball to throw. If he gets within reach,  she swats him.

Once, I caught her lying on the couch with an evil gleam in her eyes and one paw on Tucker’s red squeaky Ball; I think she was holding it for ransom.

It’s no surprise that Tucker has learned to be wary of cats, even when they’re trying to be nice.

Which is why, when I caught the two of them in a sweet moment, with the early morning sun adding a soft glow, I did the only thing a blogger could: I grabbed my camera.

A sweet moment between dog and cat

Tucker and Athena


I love this picture. Athena is doing some serious head rubs on Tucker, who looks just a little nervous. The ability to capture moments like that is one of the reasons I like to keep my camera on hand at all times.

How well do your pets get along?

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Black and White Sunday


25 Comments on "Photo: Love will find a way"

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  1. Sweet n Precious. You are a good blogger, making sure to capture great moments. Have a wonderful Sunday. Golden Woofs

  2. My heart melted with that cute picture!

  3. We need to talk! A few weeks ago my husband agreed to us getting a cat as the shelters here are overrun right now and I desperately want to help. Well, no cat yet. He thinks it will break Dolly’s heart. I think that eventually they’ll become great pals and she’ll appreciate the company. Dolly is very possessive of me I admit, she follows me all around the house. We actually had a cat when we adopted Dolly, other than her eating poo from the litter box I thought they got along really well. Please advise, cat or no cat with Dolly? You can email me if you want, I really need some ammo to convince my husband. Sandra & Dolly

  4. Mr. N likes being the only dog as he adores having all the toys, treats and attention to himself.

  5. Ann Staub says:

    Cats are interesting in that they like to change their minds a lot sometimes. My cat never did like my dog. They were mortal enemies!

  6. Taryn says:

    AWWWW!!!!!SO sweet!

  7. Rebekah says:

    This is a very sweet photo.

  8. Athena, you are a softie at heart. Even a goddess had her moments! Great shot!

  9. meowmeowmans says:

    Adorable! It’s like she doesn’t want you to know she actually likes him. 🙂

  10. Ruby says:

    Awwwwwe!!! Now isn’t that precious!!!
    Me?? Yeah, well I’m an only doggie, and frankly, I likes it that way!! BOL
    Butts, I don’t thinks anyone would be able to hold MY balls hostage!! (good things I’m a girl doggie, or that would have sounded really wrong…..)
    Ruby ♥

  11. lovely photo! I am blessed that Cody and Dakota are the BEST of friends. Dakota is always kissing Cody, and Cody lets him!

  12. That’s a sweet picture. Me and Ernie get along pretty good…but Zoey doesn’t like us at all. Must be a girl thing.


  13. So sweet! Our theory is that Athena secretly loves Tucker and just doesn’t want to admit it…

  14. That is such a sweet and beautiful photo. I’m glad you had your camera handy to capture it and that you shared it on Black and White Sunday. It sort of sounds like this may never happen again!

  15. Dogs N Pawz says:

    Awwwe….too sweet!

  16. Laika says:

    Awww what a cute picture 🙂

  17. Awwwwww…..Gracie, my sis, and our kittie bro Wiggy, do that!

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