Photo: Life with dogs and cats in one picture

Wordless Wednesday

When I participate in the Wordless Wednesday blog hop (sponsored by my good friends at BlogPaws), I try to feature images that tell stories. I want the pictures to do the talking. Not me. (Though sometimes, I’ll admit, my Wordless Wednesday contributions can be a little…um…wordy.)

As I was looking through my photo library to decide what to post today, I came upon this…

Cat shelves

…and I started to snicker. Giggle. Chuckle. Real LOLs.

Because this one snapshot of Athena and Calvin in my family room, hanging out on my Pottery Barn adapted cat shelves, illustrates so much of what life with dogs and cats is like.

Here’s what I see, so you can LOL along with me:

Life with dogs and cats, illustrated


The photo wasn’t staged. Otherwise, I probably would have included cardboard boxes (if you know cats, you’ll understand), a scratcher or twelve, several squeaky balls (Tucker has tons scattered throughout the house), and bones.

Is there anything else missing from my photo? What is in your house that tells the stories of your furry family members? 

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14 Comments on "Photo: Life with dogs and cats in one picture"

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  1. Oh yes we understand completely! Love Dolly

  2. Ann Staub says:

    Well, the cats look great on the shelves 🙂 More people should decorate their shelves with them!

  3. Misaki says:

    Lol loving the cat decor!

  4. Love the cats as part of the decor, really adds to the space!

  5. There’s toys scattered around the floor and Mr. N’s “glamour shots” on the walls.

  6. meowmeowmans says:

    That was awesome! I loved all of the arrows and descriptions of what is what. 🙂

  7. Love it! If that was our house you’d also be able to see all the dog hair on the arm of the sofa (where she rests her head and the throw blanket always seems to get shoved out of the way) and all over the floor as well!

  8. This is pretty much perfect!

  9. Paws up! That’s exactly how we see any photo of our house, too… all cat stuff. Even stuff that wasn’t intended for cats initially becomes repurposed by cats.

  10. I love your living room! The cat shelves look very cute, and I bet they’re a BLAST to leap around on! 🙂

  11. I like the shelves. Bet my kitty would like those!

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