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2 cats and a dog look out the window together

It’s out there

Our family room has a huge picture window that overlooks a shade garden, where I hang about a dozen birdfeeders. It provides hours of entertainment for the cats of the family, as they watch cardinals and blue jays, tufted titmice and goldfinches flit and fly and swoop and soar.

The dogs aren’t that interested in the birds, but sometimes a creature shows up that captures everyone’s attention.

Can’t see it? Here’s a little help:

Calvin Athena Tucker family room window squirrel close up

Young Mr. Squirrel, safe and secure as he takes a sip from the birdbath, puts on a show while three frustrated hunters watch from behind glass.

He shouldn’t be so cavalier about it, our Mr. Squirrel. Because Tucker–and the other dogs–know he’s there, and will come looking for him the next time they’re outside.

And the cats will be cheering them on.
How to your pets react to squirrels or other wildlife that they see or encounter?

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20 Comments on "Photo: We’re in this together"

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  1. Oh, one day that squirrel will get what’s coming to him! Happy WW

  2. Oh I hate squirrels in my backyard and I let them know it! Love the picture too! Love Dolly

  3. easy rider says:

    you must have the most well behaved dogs and cats… Easy would jump on the window and after a while he couldn’t see any squirrel will all the slobber and nose prints he would leave…

  4. jan says:

    Poor little arrogant squirrel has no idea of the deadly thoughts being sent his way as he invades the territory of the predators.

  5. MyDogLikes says:

    We love to watch the squirrels out the back window! I like to see how they move so that I can chase them next time I am outside.

  6. Charles Huss says:

    What a great picture that is.

  7. Emma says:

    We have a similar setup. A nice window with a bench, and a bird feeder right outside the window. Often times we get squirrels and wabbits stopping by for a bite to eat too. We love watching live TV.

  8. He wants to chase them all! Especially squirrels and cats.

  9. Sharon S. says:

    You have such a beautiful view outside your window.
    I’m sure there are always exciting creatures to see.

  10. What a great view. We love to watch Squirrel TV. Lately we’ve been having Bunny TV. Now that’s something to watch!

  11. We have a similar “TV” area in our house – there is a big sliding glass door that looks out on the back yard. The squirrels and mice and chipmunks drive the kitties bonkers!!!

  12. That squirrel is teasing the wrong family of animals, with the dogs able to come looking for him later. He might not be able to return for any hidden acorns!

  13. Better look out Mr. Squirrel – they’ve got their eye on you! Cute pictures. I love that you have such a serene view from your picture window. Nice!

  14. meowmeowmans says:

    That Mr. Squirrel is asking for trouble, if you ask us. 🙂

  15. Mark at DBDT says:

    Great photo. That kind of looks like what happens at our house, except at our place there is a lot more barking when a squirrel is that close.

  16. Earl Lover says:

    2 means more chance of catch! 😛

    Lots of Woofs from Earl, Ethel and I at Earl’s World!

  17. Kitties Blue says:

    If I were driving by and saw that scene, it would sure make me smile. We have one “bird” feeder that we fill just for our three resident squirrels. Hugs, Janet

  18. Dawn says:

    Looking out the window is a lot of fun. So much going on out there. My dog Pierson loves to look out the window too. Squirrels, bunnies, birds.

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