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Life with Dogs and Cats is:

  • An award-winning site that engages readers with stories, poetry, photography and video.
  • A blog that features humor, heart and how-to.
  • A place for dogs and cats instead of dogs vs. cats.
  • A crossroads where words, art, design and lifestyle meet to enhance the lives of pets and their people.

About the site–and the pets and human behind it.

Life with Dogs and Cats as its own brand has been in existence since the summer of 2013. It grew out of a previous site called Complete with Dogs…and Cats.

friendly torby cat / everybody's business is hers / Athena watchesLife with Dogs and Cats combines several other properties owned and written by me, including:

While each of these is a separate site, all content from them appears on Life with Dogs and Cats.

I  live with my three rescue dogs (Lilah, Jasper and Tucker) and four rescue cats (Dawn, Athena, Calvin and Elsa Clair)–and I write about them all.

I’m a writer first, then a blogger, but I’m an animal-lover most of all.


  • Lilah dog haiku: border collie smarts / sweet, playful and dark as night / Lilah cares for all2018 award nominee for Cat Writers’ Association (9 nominations)
  • Two stories to appear in True Stories of the Dogs We Rescue and the Dogs Who Rescue Us, an anthology edited by Callie Smith Grant to be published by Revell in October 2018
  • 2017 award nominee for Dog Writers Association Writing Competition (3 nominations)
  • 2017 winner of the CATalyst Council Connection Award
  • 2017 winner of the Kari Winters Rescue and Rehabilitation Award, sponsored by TICA.
  • 2017 winner of two Cat Writers Association (CWA) Muse Medallions for poetry and rescue
  • 2017 BlogPaws Nose-to-Nose Finalist for Best Blog Post
  • 2017 winner of four CWA Certificates of Excellence for poetry, health and general care, and rescue / advocacy
  • 2016 winner of four CWA Certificates of Excellence for poetry and online article
  • Stories included in Making Biscuits; Weird Cat Habits and the Even Weirder Habits of the Humans Who Love Them
  • 2014 BlogPaws Nose-to-Nose Award for Best Blog Post
  • 2014 Finalist Petties for Best Overall Pet Blog.
  • Contributing writer to Dogster.comCatster.com and Petcha.com.
  • Member of CWA Council of Directors
  • Member of  the Dog Writers Association of America (DWAA)
  • Published online in Slimkitty, Mousebreath and The Pet Museum.
  • Print publication in Goldfinch


  • 2017 winner of a CWA Muse Medallion for video
  • 2017 winner of two CWA Certificates of Excellence for photo and video
  • The Most Interesting Cat in the World viral photo
  • Dogs of Star Wars for Dogster.com
  • Ruff Drafts cover photo
  • Semi-Finalist in Petco Life is Better Together Photo Contest
  • Finalist in Hauspanther Cats Climbing High Photo Contest
  • Featured in The Pet Museum
  • Featured in the 2017 calendar Cats of the Cat Blogosphere
  • Cover photo for Somerset County Winter and Spring Activity Guide


Life3 Dawns haiku
  • Stories, humor, photography and poetry: all written by, created by and owned by me
  • Essays and reviews: covering topics related to pet toys, tools and technology. This includes everything from cat toys to dog beds to iPhone apps.
  • Apps: the latest apps for smartphones and tablets that in some way enrich our pets, from those that help make healthier dog food choices to cat games on the iPad.
  • Supportive technology: for health, safety, well-being of pets, such as tracking devices, health monitors, automatic feeders and social devices that help pets and their people stay connected.
  • Pet-related toys and games: from automatic ball throwers, to interactive cat lasers to collar-mounted cameras, as wearable tech goes to the dogs — and cats
  • Web sites and online tools for pet parents: with a generous helping of pop culture thrown in

Jasper dog haiku: long legs get tired / favorite place is the couch / Jasper, comfort hound

  • Art, sculpture, jewelry and photography: if it’s about, for,  or by dogs or cats, I’ll cover it, feature it, blog about it.
  • Design: Dog beds as furniture, the art and science of catification, the new trend toward pet-friendly homes and hotels are all topics covered on the site.
 New Jersey pets
  • News & Events: If it’s of interest to pet owners in New Jersey, I’m interested in writing about it. No event too big or too small, no story too local.
  • Stories, photos, brands: Coverage is not guaranteed in my blog; often I’ll use Twitter, Facebook or Instagram for a story.

Working with Brands

I’m very protective of my own brand, so I understand how protective you are of yours. Not every product or service is a good fit; however, I’m happy to work  with companies and organizations to see if there’s a way Life with Dogs and Cats can support their goals.

  • Ad prices are based on size and length of contract.
  • Sponsorships with brands I trust are encouraged.Calvin cat haiku : shoulder surfing dude / hitches rides from human friends / Calvin cat abides
  • Sponsored posts are available; all are written by me.
  • Giveaways and special offers for my readers are very effective tools for engagement
  • Free samples to test are  extremely helpful. However, if I don’t believe in the product, I will not feature it on my site.

Note: I have a unique way of incorporating brands and product into my stories. Not all are straight product reviews. Some are narratives in which the brand plays a prominent role, the way product placement works in movies. These opportunities are negotiated on a case-by-case basis.



(as of December 2017)Tucker dog haiku: full-bore terrier / ball stick chase dig hunt jump / Tucker lives to play


  • Sessions / month: 2800
  • Users / month: 2500
  • Pageviews / month: 3800
  • Pages / session: 1:47


  • Facebook: 2040 followers
  • Twitter: 3100 followers
  • Instagram: 800 followers
  • Pinterest: 40,000 monthly viewers

Life with Dogs and Cats is a fast-growing site, with sessions and users growing between 50% and 75% in the past month alone.

Elsa cat haiku : adorable, sweet / always busy, on her way / Elsa Clair has plans

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