Thankful for My Dogs

I am thankful for my dogs.

Thankful for dogs

Life with Dogs

taut, furry stretchy bellies
beckon a touch, a rub
and a scritch just there

moist, cool doggy noses
leaving splotchy memories
on my windows

sloppy, shlorby kisses
droobly, dribbly muzzles
snouts nudging my hands

furry waggy tails
sweeping flags curled aloft
bodies dance and swirl

whisper woofs and who’s there barks
moans and groans and murgly mumbles
soft sighs and loud yawns

ffft ffft ffft of floppity ears
thunkety thunk of tails against walls
jangley clang of collar tags

eyes of endless depth
caramel love colored
watching me, watching over

morning back rolls
legs pointing at the ceiling
undignified upside down grins

comforting weight of
a head laid upon my lap
contagious sighs of contentment

warm snuggly bodies
pouring out heat
sharing fur souvenirs

anticipation before the throw
ballet in four paws
returning for multiple encores

tail up, head down
an invitation to a
joyous chase scene

contentment without expectations
acceptance without questions
love without boundaries










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  1. I <3 your pups. Have a great thanksgiving!

  2. Beautiful poem ! Happy Thanksgiving ! Purrs

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