Thankful for Cats

I am thankful I share my life with cats. Here’s why:

Life with Cats

jellybean paws
tread softly, land gently
except when they don’t

plaintive mews and meows
meps, merps and owels
meaning exchanged without words

twitchy excited tales
bumper car verticals, pointing up
curvey, sensuous question marks

silky head rubs
figure eights among my feet
warm soft strokable fur

little pink noses
from stretched-out necks
drawing in my scent

intensity contained in stares
anticipation constrained
and leaps into action

serious silliness
chasing feathers and nothing
followed by instant nonchalance

welcome slow blinks
a slight turning of heads
and panther walks of greeting

the sputtering contentment of purr
spreading a zen acceptance
of here, now, warmth



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