Story: Snow Strategy

Here in New Jersey, we’ve had a little snow. Then a lot of snow. Then some more. Most of us in the northeastern and midwestern United States have had a winter’s worth of snow already, thank you very much.

Depending on their size, snow can be fun and fabulous or downright daunting for dogs. My neighbor has a little shih tzu puppy, to whom eight inches of snow must look like a mountain. Jasper, Lilah and Tucker are much larger than that, and they love playing in the snow. All it takes is a few flakes and they go into puppy zoom mode, dashing around the yard, pouncing and playing and burying their noses deep into the white stuff.

Three dogs playing in the snow.

Not sure if Jasper is coming to rescue Lilah or simply join in the playful fray.

Once the snow gets to a certain depth, the dogs need strategies to be able to move through it.

At first, Lilah and Tucker–who are much shorter than Jasper–have to bound through it, leaping from spot to spot. When he’s in a hurry, or wants to put on the speed, even Jasper will vault over the snow.

Two dogs bounding through the snow.

Lilah and Jasper leaping through the snow, flakes flying.

When business needs to be conducted, sniffs need to be sniffed, or there’s a necessary investigation, it’s time for a more thoughtful approach.

The dogs have different ways of moving deliberately through the snow, and their methods reveal a bit of each dog’s personality.

The shortest–and possibly the smartest of the bunch–border collie mix Lilah finds a path that someone else has blazed.

Lilah follows a path through the snow

Long-legged Jasper adores his sister, and follows her lead.

Two dogs following a trail through the snow

Tucker the terrier–sensing that something interesting might be happening without him–Tiggers his way over, bouncing and flouncing through the snow.

Three dogs in the snow

All three pups share a sociable sniff–through more than nine inches of snow. And I get to marvel at these three unique souls whom I get to share my life with.

Three dogs together in the snow


What moments with your dog or dogs illustrate their personalities? What do they do that highlights their uniqueness? 






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  1. Melissa says:

    This is so cute. Being in the south we don’t get a lot of snow, like we did when we lived in NY, but we do get some and my little mini aussie likes to put his head down, tongue out and run around licking as much snow as possible. Weirdo!

  2. your photos are so much fun! Our poor Dakota is a Sheltie and much of the snow is taller than he is, so he is NOT a fan! 🙂

  3. slimdoggy says:

    Too funny…love the strategies. My guys are like that too – if one is showing an interest in a bush, the other has to follow.

  4. Emma says:

    Love that you don’t shovel for them like so many humans do. Here in MN we have lots of snow too. My sisters and I stay around the house for a day or two and then we race to the back of the yard and start trampling a path. It doesn’t take long for it to be easy to run on and then we slowly expand our trail system out to the important yard spots! Have fun!

    • Half the fun is plowing through it. Though recently it’s been a real challenge because the snow is now covered with a layer of ice that just barely holds the dogs–and then another 2 inches of powder on top. So they never know when they’ll slip or fall into a snow-covered hole, or the ice won’t hold them. It’s not as much fun unfortunately. But they’re figuring it out and taking it slowly. Besides. SNOW!

  5. Your pups remind me of mine. They love the snow also. We’re getting more snow tomorrow and i could spend all day out there with them taking photos. Nice to have found you!

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