Story: How I met a capybara

One of the most fun things about attending the BlogPaws conference is there aren’t just human attendees. So while you get to network with fellow bloggers and brands, there’s also time to shake paws with pups, meet and greet cats, cuddle kittens and snuggle a ferret. This year, when I heard that Mia the capybara was attending BlogPaws as well, I knew I had to meet her. I have been a capybara fan since I knew they existed, back in my animal-obsessed and geeky girlhood, when I thought having fun was reading through books with titles like Animals of the World or Unusual Dog Breeds.

The idea of actually meeting a capybara in person–and maybe getting to pet one…well, let’s just say that the little girl inside me was beside herself.

So, when coming from a fantabulous, fanstastic and fascinating session on How to Get Published (with Susan Daffron, James Byrd and Penny Sansevieri), where I had stayed to talk with Susan and Jim (I’m an instant fan and will be buying their books), and hadn’t had time for a potty break, and was late for lunch…I came around the corner, stopped in my tracks and forgot everything.

There she was…munching lettuce from a creamy white plate. Her fur the color of oak tree bark. Her eyes clear and bright, with a hint of curiousity as she finished nibbling and climbed into her human mom’s lap.

I nearly dropped my bags and swag, but caught myself, imagining that a large human tossing items hither and yon while stammering with delight might startle the adorable creature.

She had me at the first trill.

I sat down and visited with Mia, who attempted to eat Flat Tucker/Lilah/Jasper as she warbled and trilled, sounding like a cross between a tribble and a guinea pig.

Among other things, I learned that she loves to swim, and her favorite place to be scratched is under the chin.

BlogPaws has been spectacular so far, and there are so many things I learned, so many friends I’ve met; I have about a month’s worth of posts to write about.

But I’m starting with a few pictures of a capybara. Not just any capybara, but my new friend, Mia.

Mia the capybara at BlogPaws

Mia the capybara with her human mom, whom I am embarrassed to say, I didn’t ask her name. Because I was too star-struck (capybara-struck?)


Mia the capybara meets flat pets

I think Mia was about as excited to meet Flat Tucker/Jasper/Lilah as they were to meet her. Though she did want to nibble them.

Susan C. Willett meets Mia the capybara

The expression on my face says it all!


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  1. easy rider says:

    I have to admit I probably would be so overwhelmed too that I would forget to ask anything when I would see such a fabulous furfriend.

  2. Kelsie says:

    Oh, how awesome! I would be beside myself. I’m planning to attend next year and I want to bring one of my dogs, but I wonder how he’ll do with all the unique creatures around!

  3. Elizabeth says:

    You can come meet my Capybara’s Romeo & Tuff’n. We live here in Henderson, just down the way from where blog paws is being held.

  4. SO COOL! I didn’t realize they were so big! What a neat experience.

  5. It’s OK Susan, the only reason I know your name is because it’s at the top of the page 😉 This weekend was full of lots of people but who cares about them when there were some many wonderful animals! It was great to meet you! You should go meet Elizabeth’s ^ wonderful boys too! – Mia’s Mom

  6. Novroz says:

    So cute!!!
    I first heard of this animal through instagram and they look so cute as pets. I would love to meet a real one too.

  7. Susan…it was such a pleasure meeting you at BlogPaws. I hope all your fantastic book plans work out because I think your ideas are fantastic. Here’s to your publishing success!

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