My Dog Doesn’t Like Getting His Feet Wet

Jasper in his natural envirionment

Jasper in his natural environment

My dog Jasper looks like a stretched out lab, all seventy-something pounds of him. He is the epitome of dogness: long bushy tail, floppy ears, and soulful brown eyes that define “deep.”

He greets everyone he meets with long sweeping wags and moans of utter joy, curving his body into a doggy croissant in an effort to be petted everywhere at once.

He stakes out the best spot on our sectional —couch connoisseur — and is happiest with a pillow or a leg upon which to rest his big head, usually accompanied by a wookie-like a sigh.

And he hates getting his paws wet.

Thus a foggy wet morning presents a conundrum: how to navigate the yard while exposing his tootsies to the least amount of moisture.

I always leash my dogs when first bringing them outside into our fenced-in yard because many creatures live near our home, or at least visit our bird food buffet or clovered grass. So poor Jasper must walk through the icky wet grass along with Lilah and Tucker, until I determine the yard is cleared of potential live squeak toys — and unleash the hounds.

Tucker on duty on a foggy morning

Tucker isn’t a fan of wet feet either, but that won’t stop him from patrolling the yard.

Tucker and Lilah will take off across the yard, exploring the extra potent sniffs that moisture produces. Jasper quickly does his business and trots straight to the nearest water-free zone.

Jasper on his grass-free island.

Jasper on his grass-free island.

Where he’ll sit.

Jasper doesn't like to get his feet wet, so he sits on an island under the trees when the grass is dewy.

He’s moved a bit, but still staying on his island.

Trapped on mulch island in the middle of dew-infested grass.

Jasper is not getting off that island, unless there's a Really Good Reason, like breakfast.

Jasper is not getting off that island, unless there’s a Really Good Reason, like breakfast.

Waiting until we go inside for breakfast.

No wonder my daughter refers to our big moose of a dog as a princess.

Do your pets mind getting their feet (or other body parts) wet?

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  1. Oh, dogs are so unique, aren’t they?

    • So right! Every dog is a different personality with different likes and dislikes. Same with cats. It’s just so funny that my biggest, doggiest dog is the one who is such a princess about getting his feet wet. 😉

  2. easy rider says:

    I’m with you Jasper, wet paws are not pawsome. My dad had to carry me as we visited the beach… but he did great… he passed all that grinning dog owners and walked his way back to the car like a super hero…

  3. Emma says:

    Bailie and I don’t mind a bit. Bummer you can’t just charge into your yard. Mom tells us, any critter that is dumb enough to hang out in our yard deserves what he gets, which is why I’ve caught so many wabbits over the years! Katie doesn’t like water, but she doesn’t mind her paws getting wet, just nothing about her legs.

    • I can’t let the dogs charge out the door not just because of the critters that might be there, but also because we have a deck off of our back door, and the dogs go flying right off it, without bothering to use something as useless as stairs. Pasha, one of my previous dogs, tore his cruciate ligament that way.

  4. da tabbies o trout towne says:

    total lee off topic here guyz, but uz catz knead ta nap & bee fore we haz number 7 two day, we wanted ta say CONGA RATZ two yur mom on her CWA award !!! way kewl ♥♥♥

  5. Our dogs don’t care, but we live in the Pacific Northwest, so they’re used to it. Rodrigo doesn’t like being put outside; he’ll go out if I go with him, but gets a sad face when I put the dogs outside, because he just wants to stay with me.

  6. Jasper, we don’t blame you. We don’t like getting our feet wet either. But we’re cats…and that’s expected of cats.

  7. Neither of my boys worry about wet feet and Pierre is particularly fond of chasing squirrels through the mud. LOL! Jasper cracks me up out there on his island.

  8. To avoid getting my feet wet I will walk down the sidewalk, across some pine bark, along patio under garage roof overhang to another flower bed. It’s tricky but I’ll do it if I’m desperate enough (i.e. it’s still raining by 3pm). Love Dolly

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