Dog & Cat Story: The magic of snow

A few days ago, we woke up to snow falling. Well, more like flurrying. Actually, the flakes were politely taking turns wisping through the air.

If I looked carefully enough, I could sometimes spot one or two as they  glided to a gentle respose on a leaf or blade of grass.

A dusting of snow on leaves

A dusting of snow on the leaves.

But it was enough. Enough for the dogs to get a little–can’t resist–flaky. Tucker started a game of Chase with Lilah, and Jasper joined in. The  three of them zoomed around the yard, crashing through the leaves that we hadn’t gotten around to raking yet. Then Tucker–it’s always Tucker–thought he saw a deer and left the game to bark at the possibility. Of course the rule is, if one dog sees a deer, the other dogs saw it too, and within seconds, Jasper and Lilah joined him at the fence to contribute their thoughts on the matter.

The dogs play Chase.

A merry game of Chase through the snow-dusted leaves.

Practical Lilah quickly realized there were no deer, so she took a moment to appreciate the day, and to anticipate breakfast.

Lilah in flurry fall snow

“If I look cute, will I get breakfast quicker?”

Eventually, the dogs took care of business, and we went inside.

That’s when I saw it: a most miraculous and incredible sight. Calvin and Dawn were sharing the window seat, watching the snow fall. Mesmerized by the meandering movement of each individual snowflake, Calvin had forgotten to chase Dawn–and Dawn had forgotten that Calvin was a pest. The cats were both so enraptured by the tiny flakes floating past the window that they may have actually enjoyed each other’s company.

Two cats looking out the window, watching snow flurries.

It’s a snowy miracle! Calvin and Dawn share a bonding moment.

What a great way to start a morning.


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