Love is Love is Love: A dog, a cat, and a moment

My cat Elsa Clair doesn’t like other cats. Or dogs. Or most people. 

She’s not mean. Well, maybe to the other cats if they get within swatting distance. The point (hah!) is that Elsa Clair doesn’t have time for anyone other than me—four-pawed or two—unless they are in the process of making dinner for her.

To be honest, I was never really sure if she knew the dogs existed. She ignored them so vehemently that had anyone asked what I thought my cat’s opinion of her canine brothers and sister was, I would have said that she probably thinks of them as mobile furniture—except they’re useless because she can’t jump on them. 

This morning I walked outside to clear the deck of the oblivious youthful wildlife that hasn’t yet learned to scram when I bring the dogs out, and found two pairs of eyes staring at me through the sliding glass doors. Both Tucker and Elsa Clair were watching me. That was a rare enough occasion in and of itself; Elsa Clair does not do sharing; even a large picture window is not big enough for my little dragonette and anyone else.

I took a picture, and then thought I’d record the two of them, since this was a rare sighting of the beastie being tolerant, and Tucker not hiding from any of our more pointy family members. This is the dog who disappears under the bed if the cats enter our bedroom, and who finds reasons to be in the living room while the kitties are fed.

Anyway, I started filming and then the most amazing thing happened. 

Love is Love is Love: A dog, a cat, and a stolen moment My cat Elsa Clair doesn't like other cats. Or dogs. Or most people. Yet I happen to catch a moment of love between Elsa Clair and my dog Tucker that was simply priceless. I think in the end they were both surprised that they could love each other.

It’s just 30 seconds, but there are so many priceless moments in that short time.

The only sound you hear is the birds singing, like something out of a Disney movie, but if you look carefully, you’ll see that Elsa Clair meows at Tucker. She’s talking to him. 

Then she rubs him. And he he leans into it.

A moment of love


Afterward, it seems like they’re not sure what to do, like the moment surprised both of them. They look at each other.

Tucker and Elsa Clair look at each other.

An awkward moment

And then Tucker looks at me, as if to say, “What just happened?”

What. Just. Happened?

What. Just. Happened?

What happened is that two creatures—who would normally ignore each other or hurl hissy insults or slink away and hide—instead found a way to share a moment, to be kind and loving.

This right here, folks. This is what life with dogs and cats is all about. 

There are always surprises.

And there is always hope.

And I think we all could use a good dose of hope now and again. 

What gifts do your pets give you?

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  1. da tabbies o trout towne says:

    big time awwwws heer guys…..we gived yur moovee AND cap sure moe mint 984 paws UP….for sure mom waz at de rite place at de rite time…..ya noe ~~~~~~~♥♥♥♥♥ total lee awesum ~~~~~~~~~ !!!

  2. We’re so glad you were able to capture that moment.

    • I know. I would never have expected it—or believed it. It went by so fast, that if I hadn’t captured it on my camera, I might have convinced myself it never happened.

  3. Mary McNeil says:

    What a blessing that you were there to SEE it, as well as preserve it to share !

  4. Chirpy Cats says:

    Oh my how sweet is this. How can you not just love this moment. I wonder if this is the start of something brewing. Maybe Elsa Claire is starting to accept him more than just moving furniture.

    By the way, who is the cat that “owls”? 🙂

    • Exactly. Calvin and Tucker have a thing, but Elsa Clair has no time for anyone that isn’t me, or isn’t feeding her.

      To answer your question, it is Dawn that “owls.” I have tried for years to capture her doing it, but no luck. I promise I’ll let you know when I do.

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