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NOTE: Sleepypod is an official sponsor of Life with Dogs and Cats. That means they have provided me and my crew with samples of their products, along with some compensation for my time when writing about them. At Life with Dogs and Cats, we’re extremely picky about what products we use—and I only write about or feature products I believe in and recommend to my readers. 

I lusted after the Sleepypod Mobile Pet Beds for years; I had seen several bloggers and friends use them for their cats, and I knew they would improve my life—not to mention my cats’ lives—but they’re not inexpensive, and I knew I’d eventually need four.

Last year, though, I made a little extra money from a pet-related project, and used that as an excuse to buy two Sleepypods in the Robin Egg Blue color that matches my office purr-fectly.

I taught two of my cats—Elsa Clair and Calvin—to love them. I used treats as rewards, and it didn’t take long before they both thought Sleepypods were safe, comfortable places to hang out. This made taking them to the vet for routine checkups a whole lot easier for everyone. (You can read about it here.)

One of the Sleepypods has a purr-manent home on my desk. It belongs to Elsa Clair, who spends most of her time in my office. She’s my constant companion there, my muse (“mews”): pun intended.

Elsa Clair on my desk

Elsa Clair in her Sleepypod.

For most of the day, she’ll switch back and forth between the window cat shelf and the Sleepypod.

Elsa Clair in the warm sun

Elsa Clair loves soaking up the sun.

This worked fine in the summer and early fall, when the sun warmed up both the shelf and the Sleepypod.

Elsa Clair in my office

Elsa Clair hangs out…literally.

But when it got cold, Elsa Clair moved away from my desk and spent her days in the Sleepypod I keep in my bookcase. This is usually Calvin’s spot when he visits the office. 

Calvin usually sleeps in the bookcase Sleepypod

Calvin usually sleeps in the bookcase Sleepypod, but Elsa Clair took it over when it got cold.

The move to the bookcase Sleepypod meant that Elsa Clair was two feet further away from me. But that two feet meant I could no longer see her while I work, and wasn’t able to reach over and pet her, to scratch her under her chin, or to feel her companionable purrs when I stroked her soft fur.

So close, and yet so far.

It bothered me. I missed my mews. 

I didn’t blame my heat-seeking cat. It was cold next to the window. The sun still warmed up the shelf, but only for an hour or so in the afternoons—not long enough to keep Elsa Clair near.

And so my cat curled up just out of reach. 

But the folks at Sleepypod had a solution for me: they make a warmer kit. This handy mini heating pad slides under the plush cushion in the bed, and plugs in to the wall. The kit comes with an adapter for the car in case kitty needs to travel in a cold vehicle. 

This, by the way, is one of the reasons I’m such a fan of the company. They think of every detail. 

So, I got myself one of these kits, and slipped it into my desktop Sleepypod.

It took Elsa Clair less than an hour to figure out that her desk bed was deliciously warm. 

And just like that…she’s back.

Elsa Clair keeps me company when I work.

Elsa Clair in her—and my—favorite spot.

She stays warm and cozy through blizzards… 

Elsa Clair stayed warm during the infamous bomb cyclone blizzard with the warmer pad in her Sleepypod.

She stayed warm during the infamous bomb cyclone blizzard that slammed us early in the winter.

Through cloudy days…

Elsa Clair on my desk.

No sun? No problem.

And through cool New Jersey sunsets.

Pretty kitty in front of a pretty sunset.

Pretty kitty in front of a pretty sunset.

And that’s how I got my desk companion, my mews, my cow kitty inspiration back on my desk, reachable at any time I need a dose of purrs.

Happy Elsa Clair kitty in her Sleepypod.

Happy Elsa Clair kitty in her Sleepypod.

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Con-CAT-ulations to our winner: Katherine K!

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  1. We were lucky enough to win a Sleepypod and it is great. Our only complaint is that it’s just a little too small for a larger cat. For instance, Wally would never be comfortable in the Sleepypod so we’ll need to keep our bigger carrier.

    • I love mine. I can’t say enough good things about them. And I would say them even if Sleepypod wasn’t a Life with Dogs and Cats Sponsor. They do have other carriers like the Sleepypod Air.

  2. We just got one of these for our traveling kitten to use. Mom may consider the heating element – might come in handy around here. 🙂

    • To be honest, I didn’t think I’d want or use the warmer kits, but they’ve been the best thing to attract my cats to the Sleepypods this winter. Nearly every cat has sought out the warmth of a heated Sleepypod. And the warmth from the warmer pad is just right. I had been concerned it would be too warm, but it feels like lap temperature, purr-fect for cats. I’d highly recommend one if you have a traveling cat like Cupcake; nobody likes a ride in a cold car.

  3. Kelly says:

    I’ve always wanted a Sleepypod for my cats as well! I’ve not seen them here in Canada though? Both my cats are seniors now, the eldest being 15, and she does love the warmth of a sunbeam and can even be found sitting on top of the heat grate. Recently – by accident, we found that she enjoyed laying on a heating pad! Of course we are careful it doesn’t get too hot for her and we place a blanket on top, but I think she would benefit from a Sleepypod with the warming kit.

  4. Amy Hempe says:

    These beds look great. If they come in big-dog size, I know Rufus would love one. He’s a curler-upper.

  5. Beth says:

    What a great idea to have a warmer for the Sleepypod! I really want to get a Sleepypod for my dog (and cat), but so far it isn’t in the budget. That color is perfect.

  6. Oh my goodness how cute is that shelf and pod. … which happens to be my favorite color. I will have to share this with my cat friends to add to their list.

  7. Ruth Epstein says:

    I have looked at the sleepypods in the Pet Store around the corner from me but having a dog with 5 beds I decided that at this moment I am not going to invest in one although I really like them and they look so comfortable, but who knows with me I might change my mind during the year

  8. Dash Kitten says:

    We love those hammocks and have two on our windows. The cats adore them. I would recommend a window shows for indoor or outdoor cats.

    We love Sleepypods but you can’t get them in new Zealand. I shudder to thinka t the price with our cavalier attitude to import duty too.

  9. Rachel says:

    I’ve been wanting a Sleepypod ever since I saw one! But with five cats…well, you know! That warmer kit sounds awesome, too! I really do think that all of my cats would use it. I love how they’re so stylish. And Elsa Clair makes it look even better!

    • I hear you. We are a multi-cat household too. You’re right about them being stylish. Vets recommend you keep carriers out and encourage cats to go in them. It’s not only easier with Sleepypods, but they look good when you leave them out. And they come in so many colors, it’s easy to find one that works with your style and decor.

  10. Mr. N would love one of the bed warmers. He believes in being cozy and warm at all times!

  11. Sadie says:

    I’m not sure who loves the heated Sleepypod most – Ricky, or Reese! On cold days like today, I wish I had one.

  12. Chirpy Cats says:

    I have been an admirer of the sleepy pod for a while now, from afar. Nice story of how you got your mews back. How fun that the heating pad really did the trick to get your moo kitty back.

    • I couldn’t believe how much I missed having her close by. Every once in a while, she’d get up, stretch and march over to occupy my lap. It was awesome. I love having her back on my desk.

  13. Edie Chase says:

    My cat Jake would love a Sleepypod. He sleeps in front of my space heater so I know he would love the heating pad.

  14. Ruby says:

    That is SOOOOO COOOL!!!! I wish they made a QUEEN SIZED one for MOI! BOL!!!! Then again, I usually likes to spread out when I snooze. Ma says she would love one for her! BOL! anyhu, that is one pawsome bed and window lounger!
    Ruby ♥

  15. Do they make Sleepy Pods for dogs? Buffy would LOVE a heated bed! They look very cute and your cats seem to love them.

  16. I’m like you. We admired the Sleepypod from a distance for a few years until Mom Paula was able to buy one with her tax refund. We LOVE it! Sleepypod is also a sponsor of Sweet Purrfections this year, so we have a second one with the basic liner and the net liner. We haven’t tried the heating element yet. We won’t enter since we already have our Sleepypods and they are a sponsor.

  17. I’ve been hooked on Sleepypod for years! Some dogs are crate trained while mine is pod trained!! I use their whole
    Line. The Air is fantastic for traveling on planes. I have tried many others and none compare!!

  18. I so wish i had a cat (I have a dog) so that i could enter the sleepypods giveaway! This teal one looks so cozy!

  19. We have one for our 3.5 pound Chihuahua. I admit we no longer use it for flying (it’s not easy to carry through airports with the round shape) but it’s absolutely home for him during the day. It’s his “bed” I put the cover of a huge shag pillow case over it and it’s the prettiest and sexiest dog bed ever!

  20. These little pods look so comfy I just want to snuggle in with the cats! Now Sleepy Pod needs to figure out how to make one economically for a 225 lb dog. ?

    • I know, right? But the cool thing about the Sleepypod Mobile Pet Bed is it isn’t just a bed, it’s a carrier, and I don’t think any of us would be carrying a 225 pound dog. Or a 70+ pound one like my moose dog Jasper.

  21. I’ve been stalking SleepyPod giveaways! I want one so desperately! My Bear Cat is a pain to get in the carrier – it’s almost a fight to the death to get him – and we always have to take it apart to get him out at the vet’s. I imagine not having that struggle would make Bear Cat happy 🙂 And he’d be stylin’!

    • It’s true. In a Sleepypod your cat would be stylin’! Just remember that it still takes training to get a cat to love his Sleepypod and to see it as a safe place. But the design of it makes that task SO much easier.

  22. Oh WOW. That SleepyPod looks amazingly comfy AND super stylish. Of course, I’m more interested in the comfort aspect but peeps, bein’ peeps, like stuff that looks good, too. Did I say, WOW? WOW. purrs

  23. heatherzilla says:

    Jingles would love a sleepypod!

  24. Chris D. says:

    I think my kitties would love it as a bed, especially with the heater. They also seem sturdy which would be good for our xl size kitty. And who doesn’t love a two for one being that it is also a carrier!

  25. Amy J says:

    Love this! I’m in the same boat, admire the product…but can’t quite budget for three of them for my cats.

    • I hear you. I wanted one for years before I bought the two I had. They are worth every penny and in the end I was sorry I didn’t buy them sooner. It made such a difference in my cats’ vet visits. And the inner parts are all wipe-able or washable, which means they always stay fresh and clean. Can you tell I’m a fan? (I’d say this even if Sleepypod wasn’t a sponsor. Actually, I said it before they were.)

  26. Janet C. says:

    I actually have a pet bird who prefers flat surfaces over perches, so a Sleepypod would be fantastic! The sturdiness of the pod would work wonders for when we need to travel for our annual vet check-up. And the circular shape would make a great nest at home!

    • Ok, so this is a new one for me, but it makes total sense. If you win, please send me pictures because I really have to see a bird in a Sleepypod. (I bet the Sleepypod people would love to see it too!)

  27. Courtney Hoard says:

    Oh my goodness!! Thank you so much for this opportunity! I’ve been trying to win a sleepy pod for quiet some time! I currently have two cats and I originally wanted one for my older cat. She always rubs her chin so hard inside the crate and she makes her lower lip and chip puffy and red. I wanted her to feel safe for A to B going to the vet. But now I really want one for a kitten that we rescued Dec. 27th I care for a feral cat colony and one of the kittens had a severe eye infection and it ended up rupturing. She was severely underweight, had round worms, ear mites, and fleas. And now today she is perfect in every single way. This Friday she is having her eye surgery to close of that eye socket. So please say a little prayer for Miss Kali. This would be a blessing to win for her. Thank you again.

  28. I would love to win a Sleepypod for my foster kittens! They would be much more comfortable going to this vet in these spacious carriers or staying there for several hours during S/N surgery visits.

  29. Alyssa M says:

    I would love this for traveling with my small foster kittens or even taking my resident cats to the vet. I’ve seen it used by many friends of mine and seems it would work perfectly on the road. The heating component would come as a great benefit to tiny kittens. I would buy it in a heartbeat if I had the money, but as you mentioned, it isn’t cheap!

    • I saw friends and other bloggers with the Sleepypods and wanted one for years. Once I finally bought two I was sorry I waited so long. It was worth every penny, once I scraped enough pennies together. Seeing how much better my cats felt when they traveled to the vet made me realize it was such a good decision.

  30. Ivy says:

    My little Pom Biscuit would love a Sleepypod and warmer pad! He’s constantly on my heating pad in bed, and loves a cozy spot to sleep in. He also loves car rides and the Sleepypod mobile bed would keep him safe and comfy.

  31. Josee C says:

    Agreed they would be awesome to have but isn’t something you can just go and purchase whenever. My cat gets sick when traveling, i think being in a carry that she is comfortable with with definitely help.

    • You may also want to talk with your vet about ways to help your kitty not be sick. However, one of the good things about a Sleepypod is the liner is machine washable, so you can clean it easily if it gets soiled.

  32. Our eldest cat Bambam would love this Sleepypod!! He has special needs and suffers from osteoarthritis. He’s love to curl up in this on cold days with the heating pad to keep it warm! I’ve seen many influential Instagramers and bloggers such as Kitten Lady Hannah Shaw using this and the product looks amazing!

  33. ayoonita says:

    My New puppy would be using it. Im getting a new puppy in april, due to the fact that My fur baby past away. Its been rough.. so lately I’ve been searching the web, looking for the best carrier to bring her home in..and i found sleepypod, which lead me to you and this wonderful blog post

  34. Happyhousepets says:

    I would love at least one sleepy pod – I think it would be comforting for Vet visits, especially for my blind cat Suki who goes often and is very stressed about travel.

    • A Sleepypod does help make things easier for kitties. But to make the best use of it, there are all kinds of hints and tips to help make your pet comfortable, by relating their experience with the bed with nice things, like treats and love and warmth and pets in their favorite places.

  35. Liz says:

    I really do not know if my 2 furbabies will separate to have only one in the pod? They love to cuddle. I think the pod would be more comfy then the sink as the regularly do. Mischeif is the black Maine coon and Tiana is the snowshoe Siamese.

    • That sounds like a lot of cat. A Sleepypod might be a tight fit for two cats, particularly if one is a Maine Coon. Still, you’re right that it would be more comfortable than the sink. 😉

  36. Katrina says:

    Oooooh man, I just know my kitty boy would love a Sleepypod. He loves to spend time in whatever room I happen to be in.

  37. My cat would love this. Especially with this subzero days. Her car rides would be a lot warmer !!

  38. Aubrie Stro says:

    This sleepypod would be beyond purrfect for my kitten, Chance, with cerebellar hypoplasia (CH: wobbly kitty). He’s unstable and having a plush carrier would help him feel safe and not get banged up when traveling. Please consider us!

    • I know a few CH kitties. You may want to check out the Kitty Cat Chronicles website; they have a CH cat and often feature other CH kitties on Wobbly Wednesday. We use a Rafflecopter to pick a winner, so it’s random, but wishing you luck!

  39. Jayme R says:

    Hoping to win one for my cat Felix. He loves sleeping on my goose down comforter or my sherpa plush blanket , but he always leaves fur all over my sheets! haha With this he’ll have his own little bed. Plus if I train him to stay in it, it’ll be much easier and safer taking him to the vet than using a boring old kennel he probably feels confined in.

  40. Sam says:

    My cats are always on the go – we hike, bike, camp & canoe together, so they frequently ride in the car. Their harnesses & leashes keep them safe on the trails and I’d love to keep them safer in the car too. The sleeypod is the perfect balance between safety and comfort.. It would be great to see them relax in the car or in the tent after a long hike!

  41. Melody finch says:

    My pups would love go snuggle in one, they enjoy small spaces and would enjoy the heat be good on their joints for my dog who has luxating patella soon to have surgery.

  42. Cathy Keisha says:

    Whoa! I’ve wanted a Sleepypod forever. Of course I would use it cos I’m an only cat and I don’t think Pop or TW would fit in it. I’ll getting older and my wellness visit comes in the colder weather so the heater would be nice. Wonder if they still sell the ultra violet one. BTW, I didn’t know you guys were NJ neighbors!

  43. Richelle says:

    My Muffy would love this!!! <3

  44. Carma Allen says:

    Daedae would love the sleepypod. I have been wanting one ever since I seen them on other friends blogs. Daedae would love to go more places with me but all I have is an airline carrier that he isn’t too happy to ride in.

  45. Hailey Kadow says:

    My cat Maggie has a hard time getting comfortable during travel time! She is my rescue that is currently dealing with epilepsy I’m interested in the sleepy pod to keep her comfortable.

  46. Ashley says:

    I think either of my cats would like to get into the Sleepypod Mobile Pet Bed. I’m not sure what they’d think if I tried to bring them to the vets in it, though. I have an almost 3 year old tiger cat, Keala, and an almost 1 year old bombay/black cat mix, Jayce. Both would probably love the heating element and the Sleepypod Mobile Pet Bed, while at home. 😀 My cats are heat hogs in the winter. LOL

    • That’s the neat thing about the Sleepypod. The cats learn to love it as a safe bed. You zip the top on it, and it’s a great carrier. And since the cats already love it, they feel safer at the vet’s. In our case, our vet was able to do most of the exam without taking my cats out of their Sleepypod. It made everyone so much happier.

  47. Admit it.. you really painted your office to match your SleepyPod© and didn’t want to admit it 😉

    I have one already but with six cats, I could totally use a few more. I just love that they are crash test rated so I feel much safer transporting my cats.

    • You know my secret! Actually, I’ve had that color in my office for years. And I loved the Robin Egg Blue color in the Sleepypod. I didn’t realize how close the Sleepypod color was. Once I saw it, I was thrilled. (Funny thing, the Sky Blue color is really close to the paint color in my kitchen and family room.) And as for getting another Sleepypod? I’m a believer in one per cat. And my cats believe that too. 😉

  48. As Pierre ages and slows down, we have been wondering about the Sleepypod warmer. Like you, we worried it might be too warm, and it’s really good to hear that it’s just the right warmth for a cat who needs a little extra coziness. It sounds purrrfect!

  49. Linda Szymoniak says:

    We have three cats in our family. My oldest one, Moko, has been having medical issues for the past year and a half. I have to take her to the vet every couple of weeks (for steroid shots, bloodwork, etc.) and I worry about her safety in my vehicle. I would love a Sleepypod to transport her in. Also, since she gets chilled easily (and tends lately to spend most of her time curled up in the little house on her cat tower to stay warm), the warming kit would be perfect for her!

  50. Natalya Rosen says:

    I love that the Sleepypod is highly rated by the Center for Pet Safety. Hopeful that the warming kit would make the carrier more attractive to my three ginger boys?

    • Exactly! When installed in a vehicle correctly, the Sleepypod carrier is safe. The warmer kit does make it attractive to kitties, but I always give my cats pets and love and treats (and catnip) to make them love their Sleepypods even more. They’ve learned to jump in the carriers when I bring out the treat bag.;-)

  51. Carolyn says:

    My dog would love the Sleepypod. She only weighs 11lbs & has a heated bed in the house she loves. I love the safety.

  52. Danielle says:

    I will be first time pawrent this March to a shichon (bichon and shihtzuh cross) and I am looking into sleepypod. I love how this is car crash tested and all the safety measures it has.

  53. Cassandra D says:

    I have not decided yet. I think they will like it.

  54. Michelle S says:

    Our beautiful cat Henri would just love this! Henri was abandoned in our neighborhood and spent several years on his own. It took so long to win him over and make him comfortable in our home. This would make him much more comfortable both at home and at the Vet.

  55. Lindsay A. says:

    I LOVE the concept & look of the Sleepypod, and the universal warmer kit is genius! Our kitty would absolutely love this. With the chilly winter weather she’s been a total heat magnet. Perfect timing coming across this post after I took an adorable photo of her lounging on her back in front of the space heater this morning! She does this pose all the time. ?

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