Fall snow / snowfall

My dogs love running through leaves.

My dogs love playing in the snow.

My dogs just about imploded the day they could do both at the same time.

Here in New Jersey, Mother Nature usually sticks to her plan: leaves turn pretty colors in autumn, then they fall off the trees, and after that, the winter snow comes–when the branches are naked.

A week ago, Ms. Nature must have misread her calendar because we had nearly an inch of snow. The last time this happened, it was a beautiful disaster; it sure looked gorgeous, but the weight of the snow caught on the leaves (as opposed to just limbs) caused branches to bend, break and eventually crash to the ground. (Check out my stories and photos from that crazy storm in my posts: Snow Kidding and Snow. Fall.)

This year, we had less snow and slightly later timing–a perfect combination for the dogs to have a blast.

As it often the case, the first snow of the season had them a tad puzzled.

The dogs check out the first snow of the season.

Lilah, Jasper and Tucker checking out the white stuff.

Then they remembered…and the fun began.

Dogs running through leaves and snow

Running through leaves and snow–a winning combination.

First, a good game of Chase.

Dogs playing in leaves and snow

Lilah and Tucker aren’t sure who is chasing who.

Then some old fashioned bowing, playing and wrestling.

Lilah and Tucker having fun in the leaves and snow.

“C’mon Tucker, bet you can’t catch me.”

Tucker decided to play hide and seek.

Tucker the dog is hiding in the bushes.

“Guys? Hey guys? Aren’t you going to try and find me?”

Can’t see him? Here’s a close up of the same photo:

Tucker is hiding in the bushes, ready to pounce.

Tucker looks like he’s going to pounce the next unsuspecting creature that happens to stroll by.

Tired of waiting to be found, Tucker joined in another game of Chase…

Three dogs from Life with Dogs and Cats run through the snow.

Jasper leans into the turn.

…which evolved into a full-out dog romp.

Jasper, Tucker and Lilah play in the leaves and the snow.

Leaves + snow + dogs = fun

Now, the snow is gone, the leaves have all fallen, and the yard is mostly cleaned up.

I’m sure the dogs are looking forward to the first major–and appropriately timed–snowfall, but I’m still thinking about last year’s cold and snowy winter–and I don’t think I’m ready.

Though I did pull out the snowshoes, just in case.

Did you get any snow already? What do your pets think of it?

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  1. Photo: Dogs Play in Snow : Life with Dogs and Cats | February 4, 2015
  1. Oh wow, looks like you guys are having a blast! We would love to join you!! Have fun!

  2. Mary says:

    Look at all that fun. I will send Torrey right over.

  3. We had that happen last year and the pups were so excited!

  4. We got snow here too in Toronto! Although Kilo is much less enthused.

  5. Jen Gabbard says:

    “Oh yeah – I remember this stuff” that’s the same reaction Laika had and it was so fun watching her excitement running through it like your dogs. And that shot of Tucker hiding is the best – took me a minute to find the little bugger.

  6. Ann Staub says:

    They look like they are having a blast! No snow here of course, but it has been pretty chilly.

  7. Emma says:

    We usually get a big load on the first snow and then we don’t know where to go to use the bathroom on our walks.

  8. jan says:

    We keep our snow up in the mountains and stay warm down here so we are all happy about that.

  9. We had snow (sleet really) that barely stuck to the ground for a half day. Does that count?

  10. They look like they’re having so much fun. The same thing happened here…we got snow on top of all the leaves.

  11. Lot’s of rain the past few days in VA, temps are going down rapidly and all they talk about on the weather channel is the record snow falls we will start to see soon. I’m bracing myself.

  12. We have the same problem here…between the small snow drifts and piles of leaves, the poop is especially hard to find! 😉 Glad they are having a good time!

  13. Fun pics! Love the one of Tucker hiding! Rita’s never seen snow before! Can’t wait to take her to see it someday.

  14. Sandy says:

    What great pictures – that certainly looks like alot of fun!

  15. Ryan says:

    Those are clearly some very happy dogs! Tucker hiding is adorable!

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