Dogs in the Fall Leaves

Fall lasts the same amount as every other season, but the amount of time between when the trees dress in their fiery autumn wardrobe and when the last of the brown desiccated leaves are raked into the compost pile is only a few weeks.

So, it’s best to make the most of that short time. Go for walks in the woods. Take pictures against photogenic backgrounds. Play in the leaf piles.

Actually that last part is mostly for kids and dogs. For the adult humans in the family, once the majority of the leaves have dropped, it’s time to rake. And where there are dozens of trees on and around our property, that’s a whole lot of leaves and a whole lot of raking.

But I always try to save a large pile for Lilah, Jasper and Tucker to enjoy. And what exactly do the dogs do in a heap of leaves? Amusingly enough, each of them finds something different to appreciate.

Below are three one-minute videos — like chapters — showing their differences.

Chapter 1: Leave Me Alone

Jasper likes making a soft bed out of the leaves, but Lilah would rather play.

Chapter 2: Having a Ball

Tucker thinks that leaves are a fun place to drop his ball into, and then find it again, and then drop his ball and find it again and…you get the picture. Jasper would still rather have some peace and quiet.

Chapter 3: All in the Leaves

Finally, Lilah gets Jasper to play, and eventually Tucker joins in — and gets so caught up in the game that he loses track of his ball. See if you can tell when he loses it.

I took a few still photos as well, before we dragged the last of the leaves away. Here are a few of my favorites:

First a few action shots…

Jasper Lilah Tucker dogs playing in leaf pile

Tucker, Jasper and Lilah playing in the leaves.

Lilah in leaves with Jasper and Tucker dogs

Lilah spends much of her time trying to get her brothers to play with her.

And some leaf pile portraits…

Lilah dog in fall leaves


Jasper dog in fall leaves

Jasper in his bed.

Tucker in a leaf pile with tongue hanging out

Tucker, with his tongue hanging out.

And finally, a fall portrait of all three dogs.

Tucker Lilah Jasper 3 dogs in a pile of leaves

Tucker, Lilah, and Jasper: three dogs in the leaves.

What do you or your pets like about the fall?

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9 Comments on "Dogs in the Fall Leaves"

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  1. easy rider says:

    oh that nopises of the leaves… like ocean waves hahahaha

  2. Emma says:

    We love to play in the leaves too. We don’t rake ours, Mom just mows them into mulch, so it is an extra effort to make a quick pile for us to play in.

  3. Daisy says:

    Wonderful photos, I still love jumping into leaf piles, and I’m no spring chicken! Daisy doesn’t like leaf piles though because she’s so small she gets totally covered up. But she does love cool fall weather.

  4. Lovely videos and great photos : it looks like you all had a lot of fun in the leaves ! Purrs

  5. OMC! Are they having fun or what?!?

  6. The leaves look like so much fun. We don’t have enough at our house to rake them up (I am not raking up the bush lol!) My dogs love the smells of the deer and turkeys the most in the fall.

  7. Deziz World says:

    Oh me cats and kittens, y’all look so cute. but we wuld be terrified there wuld be snakes or sumfin’ dangerous in those leaves. MOL Yes, we are indoor wimps. MOL

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

  8. meowmeowmans says:

    I love seeing your dogs enjoying themselves in those leaves. They are having SUCH a great time!

  9. Novroz says:

    aaawww… I would love to play among the fallen leaves TOO

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