Good, Bedder, Best: My Dogs Test Out a Brentwood Home Pet Bed (and you can enter to win one)

Tucker tries out a Brentwood Home dog bed

Tucker tries out a Brentwood Home dog bed.

Several weeks ago, Brentwood Home reached out to me to ask if I’d like to test out their line of dog beds. Let me rephrase that; they wanted to know if my dogs would like to try them out.

Our current dogs beds are many years old, and do no favors to either my dogs or my home decor. They needed to be replaced, and it was time for an upgrade. I’ve considered buying new beds, but when you have three dogs, it’s kind of hard to just buy one. Because in the Doggy Codex, Section 3, paragraph 7, item B, it explicitly states “The other dog always has the best one.” Thus, purchasing a single bed would more than likely result in two out of three dogs being sad.

I had certain qualities I wanted in future dogs beds. They should be:

  • washable
  • comfortable
  • good for older dogs (mine are 7 and 8)
  • high quality
  • made with materials that don’t contain problematic / carcinogenic chemicals
  • not too expensive, or at least less than the cost of a new couch
  • a fit for my lifestyle, or a least an improvement in look over the current beds

That last one was the easiest.

So when I got the email—and I researched the Brentwood Home brand—it wasn’t hard for me to say yes. What I actually said was, “You had me at “CertiPUR-US foam” and “The cover is removable, replaceable, washable & waterproof.” Not to mention that they actually are a maker of human beds, whose philosophy parallels mine: give our non-human family members the same quality of bed that we use ourselves.

The folks at Brentwood were kind enough to understand that with three dogs, it was hard to test only one bed, so they sent me two, of different sizes. (BTW, that’s all I got out of the deal. I was not paid for this story; I received just the two beds. I only write about products that I—or my dogs and cats—test personally, and that I use or recommend for my readers.)

Jasper and Tucker: Designated bed testers

Two is actually a good number, since Lilah would not be the best dog bed tester. One of her favorite places to sleep—particularly in the heat of the summer—is at the bottom of the stairs in our front hallway, on the cold, hard tile, with her head on the bottom stair. If that’s comfortable to her, I don’t know that her opinion would be meaningful for other canines.

Lilah thinks this is comfortable.

Lilah thinks this is comfortable.

On the other paw, Tucker and Jasper are bed experts. Jasper’s happy place is on a couch. When asked what breed he is, I often reply, “He’s a comfort hound.” He’s 60-plus pounds of long-legged pooch, who needs the very best in order to stretch out and practice the art of contentment, usually with the aid of a soft pillow.

Tucker takes relaxation to a whole ‘nother level. As I’ve written previously, he is well known in certain circles as among the best in competitive sleeping. Among his signature moves are The Upside Down Stretchy Paw / Flopped Paw Combination with a Half Twist, the Half Twisting Upside Down Double Paw Flop, and the Parallel Double Stretchy Paw With Bunched Feet.

A new bed would need to meet the standards of my couch potato comfort hound Jasper and my competitive sleeper Tucker. Pretty high bars if you ask me.

The beds arrive

Because of our dogs’ fondness for pillows to rest their weary muzzles, we asked to test the Runyon bed. Brentwood Home also offers another style—Griffith—that has no bolsters.

As soon as the first Runyon bed was out of the box, Jasper claimed it as his own. Tucker gave me his sad face, utterly crushed that Jasper got first dibs.

As soon as the bed was out of the box, Jasper claimed it as his own.

Jasper takes ownership. Tucker is sad.

Seconds later, Lilah barked at an imaginary squirrel or an errant leaf, Jasper ran off to participate in the barkage because he probably saw it too, and Tucker took advantage of the moment.

Tucker on the Brentwood Home bed with a sad Jasper behind.

The old switcheroo: Tucker on the bed with a sad Jasper behind.

The cats had no interest in the bed, as there was much more importance business to attend to: the box! Let it be said that the Brentwood Home Pet Bed box is highly rated by the resident cardboard enthusiasts.

Elsa Clair in the big long box.

Elsa Clair makes herself right at home in the box from Brentwood Home.


Athena finds the box to her liking as well.

Athena finds the box to her liking as well.

Testing 1, 2, 3

I put both beds in my office, where the dogs spend most of their time during the day. That is, unless they’re in my living room on the couches supposedly reserved for humans.

Jasper curled up on the big bed, tucking his leggy body into a corner.

Jasper loves a bed with a built-in pillow

Jasper loves a bed with a built-in pillow.

Later, he stretched out, finding the bed roomy enough for all his legs.

There's room for Jasper to stretch out on the bed as well.

There’s room for Jasper to stretch out on the bed as well.

Both dogs seem to feel comfortable in either bed, with Jasper fitting nicely into the medium Runyon and Tucker temporarily taking up a portion of the larger one. I say “temporarily” because my terrier is guaranteed to expand. This is why he is not allowed to spend the night in bed with my husband and I; he has an uncanny ability to take up our entire queen-sized bed with his small terrier body.

Tucker and Jasper on Brentwood Home beds in my office

Both dogs feel comfortable on either bed, depending on the mood, and who occupied which bed first.

So a small 40-something-pound terrier can fit in the medium-sized bed just fine.

Tucker gets comfy in his Brentwood Home medium Runyon bed.

Tucker gets comfy in his Brentwood Home medium Runyon bed.

And a few minutes later, he overflows its borders. It’s magic.

It's not that the bed is too small; it's that Tucker has an uncanny ability to overflow any bed.

It’s not that the bed is too small; it’s that Tucker has a magical ability to overflow any bed.

But the biggest test of the Brentwood Home bed would be whether Tucker could use it to train for his sleeping competitions. I’ll admit, it was a concern of mine. Would my terrier be able to practice on different equipment? Would he be able to maintain his rigorous schedule? Would he be able to adapt and pull off his signature moves—or better yet, improve on them?

You be the judge

Tucker pulls off an Upside-Down Half Twist with a Straight / Bent Leg Combination—and added a signature Ear Tuck for style.

Tucker pulls off an Upside-Down Half Twist with a Straight / Bent Leg Combination—and added a signature Ear Tuck for style.

I’d say that’s four paws up from Tucker.

The Good News

The dogs approved of the beds—so much so that Jasper is spending more time in my office instead of on the people furniture. I call that a win. From my perspective, the pet beds are well made, comfortable, attractive, safe—and washable.

The folks at Brentwood Home have offered a 15% off special deal just for my readers—good through December—so if you’d like to purchase a bed for your pups, use this code:


Full disclosure: Life with Dogs and Cats will get a small commission if you use it.

The Best News

I’m also giving away a Brentwood Home pet bed to one lucky fan.

Enter below for your chance to win your choice of a Brentwood Home pet bed. Read the complete rules.

Brentwood Home Pet Bed Giveaway

Enter below!

Winner: Jeanne C.

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  1. Linda Szymoniak says:

    I just lost my sweet Coonhound girl, Kyoko, on Friday. She would have loved this bed! Now my two boy Coonhounds, Kenji and Seiji, would have to share if I’m lucky enough to win!

  2. Mary W says:

    Two of my three dogs like beds. I think the Border Collie would be the first to use a new bed especially since he is the Alpha dog.

  3. No dogs on this bed if we win…only cats!

  4. suz says:

    my five kitties would love this bed – they are nodding in agreement on the pillow design. thanks for the chance to win. i really enjoy the collection of tidbits i get from your site. –suz in ohio

  5. Sandy Weinstein says:

    i have 2 little gals, min. schnauzers. Tressa, 8 and Harley, 7. they are first cousins. they will share the bed b/c they like to snuggle together. they are best friends.

  6. Carolyn Deal says:

    My sweet girl Penny!

  7. Kim Niland says:

    Our pup, Barley, is a loveable mutt. He is mostly shepherd, Bull and min pin, but has many more breeds in him, according to the DNA test we did. He is a handful but we love him dearly.

  8. Cindy Peterson says:

    My little 9# snuggler will be the one who uses this bed if we win. He has had two spine surgeries and needs good supportive beds.

  9. Heather D says:

    My dog Princess would get the bed. She was abused by her previous family and a nervous wreck when we rescued her. She’s gained a lot of confidence and is the best girl. She would love a new bed.

  10. Laura Grace Andry says:

    I have a miniature schnauzer named Gaston, although he will be most likely closer to the sizer of a standard once he stops growing. He is 15 weeks right now and is a total mamas boy. We adore him.

  11. Carly S says:

    I don’t have pets, but I would love to donate this awesome bed to a local animal shelter! Thank you <3

  12. Molly says:

    Either one of my babies would love to sleep on this dog bed. It looks so comfy.

  13. Darlene Carbajal says:

    I will love this for my boyfriend’s dog.

  14. Jeanne Coulombe says:

    My Lucy would enjoy this bed I like to only purchase the best for her. She’s my little queen I love her so much!

  15. Mal/M says:

    My Grandog (new term?) Penney needs a place to sleep when she comes over to
    stay overnight,Thankyou!

  16. Jennifer ODay says:

    My American bulldog Hydra

  17. Margot C says:

    Sammi is a rescue that I “foster” which is to say that she is a permanent foster. She was a puppy mill mom and she lived in a cage for we don’t know how long. She had a big tumor, now excised; so they discarded her at the shelter. She has a heart murmur, her legs are weak from atrophie, her heart is gigantic both literally and the love way. So, no one will adopt her. She stays here and is loved and loved and loved. She likes to stretch all the way out, sometimes on her back when she sleeps. She snores. It’s very cute.

  18. golden storm says:

    my big lab mix will be sleeping on it but i expect my to little mixes will try to take it over

  19. marlene a harris says:


  20. Jill Hanson says:

    I have Pomeranians, hopefully they will cuddle and share if I win.

  21. Shyan Ellis says:

    My yellow lab ace would like a nice cozy bed to sleep on. He loves taking naps.

  22. Jan Roberts says:

    My Pug jelly LOVES her bed, and it is in sad shape after hundreds of naps!

  23. Kristen Patton says:

    Would love to win this for my 5 year old Jack Russell Deuce and his 6 month old baby sister Maia the Corgi 🙂

  24. Chris L says:

    Baby & Bella would have to decide who gets it. Baby is a pit mix & Bella is just a mutt.

  25. Kathy B. says:

    My dog’s name is Ellie Belle. She is a rescue pup that we found about eight months ago. She was a puppy then and has grown into a beautiful, spirited dog. We thought she was a lab but have decided that she is a pointer mix due to her really big ears.

  26. Beth says:

    If I win, two of my dogs and my cat will share the bed. Since they are small, I buy big beds and let them all sleep together.

  27. Cheryl Chervitz says:

    I have three dogs who would share this. Junebug is a 12 year old Boston, Cain is a 3 year old Boston and Whitley is a 7 month old chihuahua/Boston mix. This would be great for my 12 year old, he is having bone and joint issues.

  28. Amy Orvin says:

    My sweet little Imperial Shih Tzu named Toby Tangles will be sleeping on this bed if I win. She loves to sleep on comfy things. My 3 cats will probably join her and she should be fine with that. Thanks for the chance to win this really nice bed!

  29. Leah Shumack says:

    I don’t have any puppies but 2 kitties who are hoping for a new bed this Christmas. Well it’s really this furbaby mama 🙂

  30. Caitlyn says:

    My dog would love this bed. She’s a 6 year old schnauzer and loves the sides of beds to rest her chin on and these sides look super sturdy but comfy!

  31. Michelle says:

    My Husky Mix Meeko, will have his own bed

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