Finding the Warm in the Cold: A winter perspective with dogs and cats

The woods behind our house after a snowfall.

Appreciating the beauty provided by Mother Nature: the woods behind our house after a snowfall.

The winter of 2018:

Snowstorm? Check. (Let’s call it a bomb cyclone blizzard.)

Below freezing temperatures? Check. (Not just capital C cold, but so frigid even the dogs hated venturing outside.)

Sinus infection. Bronchitis. Asthma. Trip to the ER. Check. Check. Check. And pay by check. 

Sunset through magnolia with snow

A gorgeous snowy sunset seen through our magnolia

I’m on the other side of most of the above, though there’s plenty of winter ahead. There are no promises that we won’t encounter more of the same.

Yet right now, I am really, really grateful for some of the most basic things, like being able to breathe. Having a warm home to hibernate in. And some human, canine, and feline buddies to help get through the days and nights. 

Sometimes it takes a little nudge of relatively minor adversity to kick me in the Let’s Be Thankful department. 

And so I am.

So while all the ick was snowing and swirling and sweeping my sinuses, there were some moments to bring a smile and a bit of joy, which I’m sharing below:

Jasper finding the simple pleasures in chasing a stick before the snow came

Before the snow, Jmy dog asper takes a few minutes to play a good old-fashioned game of Fetch the Stick. Sometimes the simple pleasures are the best.

Lilah, Jasper, and Tucker playing in the snow

Snow brings out the puppy in everyone. My three dogs enjoy playing in the snow.

Calvin and Tucker watching birds

A dog and a cat watch birds in the snow. Watching your favorite show with a friend is fun, though it might help if he kept *some* of his excitement to himself.

What bright moments are you thankful for recently?

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  1. This winter sure feels endless. We recently got a bird feeder and it has been my bright spot.

  2. meowmeowmans says:

    In the midst of this very difficult winter, we are glad you’re finding things for which to be thankful. Isn’t it great that our pets are so inspiring in that way?

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