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The Carpet Shark Attacks

With three dogs and four cats in the house, one does not need to channel surf to find something entertaining to watch. Usually, all you have to do is look around until you find a four-legged Someone to provide amusement.  More often than not, there are several at hand. Particularly for me, since I tend to travel the house with a dog and cat entourage.


Calvin is such a funny cat that he nearly always provides a laugh or two or seventeen. I’m not so sure the dogs agree, but they are very tolerant of his antics. The other day, he was in a bit of a mad cat mood and decided that his toy of choice for the moment was Lilah. He became Calvin the Carpet Shark, a dastardly denizen of the family room, who preys on its unknowing inhabitants. The kitten crouched down low, waggled his little butt and pounced in Lilah’s general direction.


Lilah, bemused, nosed him and ever so gently took one of his paws in her mouth. He rolled over on his back and grabbed her with his claws. Not meanly, just playfully. And he showed her his Big Kitty Jaws of shark teeth–to make a more powerful impression.


Of course Lilah was spectacularly unimpressed, but she went along with the game, standing quietly through the Calvin attack. At one point, it looked like he was Velcroed to her face, but she didn’t mind. The cat continued swatting and rolling, adding a few mews for effect.


It was definitely worthy of a giggle or two on my part, but I didn’t let it go on too long. A toss of a furry mouse magicked Calvin the Carpet Shark into Calvin the Great Mouse Hunter, and off he ran.


I believe the slow wag and quick glance Lilah gave me as she lay down with a sigh could be loosely translated as a thank you.


I swear, it’s better than Animal Planet. And it’s 24/7.
Lilah, you have something on your face. Oh, wait. That's Calvin.

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