A Fall Challenge: Finding Dog Poop Among the Leaves

Almost exactly a year ago, my first post for Dogster.com went live. It was about dog poop. Yes, you read that correctly; I got paid to write — and take pictures of — poo. In the story, I challenged readers to find the droppings among the dropped leaves of autumn.

The post made quite a splash, attracting a decent amount of traffic — and comments. In other words, it didn’t stink. It also meant that readers could proudly say they spent time looking at crappy pictures online. Literally. Because they chose to.

As for me, I was flush with pride at my first paid writing assignment for Dogster.com. Now to celebrate a year of paid writing, and, at the risk of piling it on, I am posting an update here on Life with Dogs and Cats.

One of the people who commented on my Dogster.com post suggested I teach my dogs to find the poos; we're still working on it, but they've made tremendous progress, making it easier to find the smelly landmines in my yard.

One of the people who commented on my Dogster.com post suggested I teach my dogs to find the poos; we’re still working on it, but they’ve made tremendous progress, making it easier to find the smelly landmines in my yard.

Game on

Your goal is to find the turds, camouflaged among the browns and tans of the fall leaves, in a twisted version of Where’s Waldo. So that you don’t strain yourself, I’ve include a key at the end of the post.

It will start off easy, but get harder as more leaves accumulate.

Dog Poop #1

Poop 1

Dog Poop #2

Poop 2

Dog Poop #3

Poop 3

Dog Poop #4

Poop 4

Dog Poop #5

Poop 5


Did you find all five? Don’t worry. Here’s the key:

Dog Poop #1 Key

Poop 1 circled

Dog Poop #2 Key

Poop 2 circled

Dog Poop #3 Key

Poop 3 circled


Dog Poop #4 Key

Poop 4 circled


Dog Poop #5 Key

Poop 5 circled

How did you doo?

I don’t mean to be feces-tious; picking up after your dog is important for health and environmental reasons, which is why, in honor of this momentous occasion, I am also giving away a gift package of my favorite poop bags by Earth Rated. (Full disclosure: Earth Rated provided a variety of product samples to test, but I received no other remuneration for this post, other than the satisfaction of a job well done.)

Enter to win a prize Package of Earth Rated Poop Bags

Earth Rated bags are bigger than the average poop bag; they’re thicker and tougher, too. But here’s the thing: not only do they come in the standard roll — the kind you can fit in your average clip-on poo-bag dispenser, but they also come in a dispenser box: think tissues. I keep my box by our back door, so it’s always easy to grab a bag when needed–so much better than standing in the rain trying to find the tear lines between bags on the clip-on canister.

Wait, there’s more! Earth Rated bags are also available with handles! Easy to grab, easy to tie. A little bigger than regular bags, they are great for multiple-poo pick-ups and even kitty litter scooping.

But best of all is the company’s commitment to making their bags affordable and earth friendly at the same time. Their white bags are made of vegetable-based, natural ingredients and  can be disposed of in a municipal compost environment, where pet waste is accepted.

Earth Rated poop bags are not labelled as “biodegradable,” however; this is actually an impossible designation as each landfill environment is different, and it would be a challenge to test biodegradability for every circumstance around the globe. However, the company’s commitment to Mother Earth permeates every detail: the green-colored bags have an additive that help them break down, the white ones are compostable (where accepted) — and the rolls’ cores and packaging are made from recycled content.

Enter below to win your choice of assortment of scented or unscented styles plus a few surprises tossed in as well.
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  1. Earl Lover says:

    Oh, don’t get me started on dog poop in the leaves!

  2. I don’t really mind picking up after them. The worst really is other owners who don’t!

  3. What a hilarious post! I admit to losing a few piles among the foliage. I’ve literally been staring at the ground for two minutes unable to find the poo.

  4. Kerri says:

    Love your post!!! We dont have to many fall leaves but the dry grass is not a fun way to pick pooh up.

  5. Rebekah says:

    I didn’t find any of them!

  6. Try finding tiny dog poop in the leaves! It’s a major challenge lol.

  7. Sandy Weinstein says:

    i hate it when the leaves and pinestraw are in it, trouble find the little poos under the leaves and when my grass needs to be mowed

  8. The bag breaking as you pick it up BOL

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