20 Ways Dogs Celebrate National Dog Day

Happy National Dog Day

It’s National Dog Day, time to “to celebrate dogs for their capacity to love and their ability to impact our lives everyday in the most miraculous ways.”

As if we needed a day to remind us how special our canine family members are.

I think dogs should get to celebrate National Dog Day too. Lilah, Jasper and Tucker came up with a list of ways any dogs can enjoy their special day.

Here’s their list:

1) Sleep in.

14 Things to Do on National Dog Day: 1) Sleep in.

“What? No breakfast in bed?”


2) Go for  walk…

14 Things to Do on National Dog Day: 2) Go for a walk.

“Can we stop at my favorite fire hydrant?”


3) …or a run…

Celebrate National Dog Day by running

“Tucker, you almost missed that turn!”


4) …or maybe go climbing.

Tucker wishes he could climb a tree to get the squirrel

“I should have brought better gear. Like thumbs.”

5) Fly someplace.

Tucker catches a ball mid-flight.

“Who needs a plane?”

6) Or just stay home and be a couch potato.

14 Things to Do on National Dog Day: 4) Be a couch potato.

“It’s nice to put my feet up and relax.”


7) Catch some rays in the yard.

Jasper, Tucker and Lilah catch some rays in the backyard.

“Did anyone remember to bring the drinks?”

8) Watch something on the high-def 3D TV.

14 Things to Do on National Dog Day: 5) Watch something on the high-def 3D TV

“Should we watch Mad Wren or Breaking Birdfeeders?”


9) Or curl up with a good book

Jasper reads about Abe Lincoln's Dog in the book Abe & FIdo

“I like a physical book; it smells better than a Kindle.”

10) Hang out with pals.

14 ways dogs can celebrate National Dog Day 6) Hang out with pals.

“Did you see the tail on that squirrel over there?”


11) Play some pool.

14 Things to Do on National Dog Day:  7) Play some pool.

“8 ball in the corner pocket. Wait a minute; where are the corners?”


12) Put on some rock and roll…

14 Things to Do on National Dog Day: 8) Put on some rock and roll.

“My favorite? Joan Jett’s I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll.


13) …and get down!

Tucker rolls in a dead worm

“Anyone know how to do The Worm?”

14) Have friends over for dinner.

14 Things to Do on National Dog Day: 9) Have friends over for dinner.

“I just want to know; did he bring the beer?”


15) …and in the spirit of the holiday, invite that one friend who wouldn’t normally celebrate.

14 Things to Do on National Dog Day: 10) Be nice to everyone: even that weird dog with the sharp edges who says "Meow."

“She’s a little weird, but it’s the Dog thing to do.”


16) Take a nap.

14 Things to Do on National Dog Day: 11) Take a nap.

“Wake me up when the party gets started.”


17) Go out drinking.

14 Things to Do on National Dog Day: 12) Go out drinking.

“I told you we didn’t need a keg.”


18) If you drink too much, shake it off.

Lilah the dog shakes it off

“Can’t feel under the weather on National Dog Day!”

19) Stay up late.

14 Things to Do on National Dog Day: 13) Stay up late.

“I’m gonna party ’til dawn.”


20) Have a ball!

14 Things to Do on National Dog Day: 14) Have a ball!

Wishing you the best National Dog Day ever!


How are you and your pets celebrating National Dog Day?

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14 Comments on "20 Ways Dogs Celebrate National Dog Day"

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  1. Earl Lover says:

    We shall follow your ways and have a celebration!

  2. What a great list with such cute pictures! I’ve accomplished most of them already today, still want to catch some rays but sun needs to come out! Love Dolly

  3. easy rider says:

    I will celebrate with #6 today and many thanks for #18, I had no clue that it really works… but not for humans, right?

  4. PAWsome list to celebrate National Dog Day 🙂 ENJOY! Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  5. Those photos are all full of joy ! Happy National Dog Day ! Purrs

  6. meowmeowmans says:

    What a wonderful list of ways to celebrate! Happy National Dog Day! 🙂

  7. Okay, we want to do all of these fun things today! Gotta get busy. ☺

  8. Got a couple more on the list to get done today! Happy National Dog Day!

  9. Emma says:

    We had a great morning walk and will be hanging out resting up the rest of the day. Great tips you have!

  10. Robin says:

    It sounds like you are having a really pawsome National Dog Day! I hope it stays pawsome. I love it that you even invited the kitties to celebrate with you. 🙂

  11. zooperson says:

    Boy, we like all of those suggestions! Which one to start is the only questions. Great photos too so we can’t get confused. Lady Caroline

  12. Well, we won’t be celebrating today. But we hope all the dogs have a great day!

  13. sandy says:

    Great advice and pictures – thanks!

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