Haiku by Dog: Hole

a dirty nose can’t / diminish the joy of a / hole superbly dug

This is how you know Halley is now part of our family; it’s her first haiku, and even though she’s just put her metaphorical toe in the waters of poetry, I think she nailed it. She now nose how to craft the three-line verse, having learned from the other inhabitants of our home. Not only have they grounded her in the technicalities of the art form, but they’ve also taught her the more subtle aspects of the Life With Dogs and Cats style. And she really digs it, too. She’s hole-y engaged in the process.

Do your dogs like to dig? 

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4 Comments on "Haiku by Dog: Hole"

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  1. databbiesotrouttowne says:


    halley dug a holez
    ground hog phil iz now gel uz
    rodent lost hiz job !!!

    🙂 ♥♥♥

  2. Mary McNeil says:

    No apologies Halley ! The dirty nose is part of the experience !

  3. We’re impressed, Halley! You definitely can write poetry better than most people (including me!!!).

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