Haiku by Dog: Window

Haiku by Dog: window seat for dog / outside, squirrels and chipmunks taunt / buy Windex in bulk


In today’s Haiku by Dog, Lilah quietly rests her head on the cat bed that is strategically placed on a bench beneath our family room picture window. The nose prints on the glass tells another story–one of squirrels taunting, chipmunks tempting, and birds flying just a little too close. The dogs love sitting on the bench, watching the wildlife, and making sure everyone in the household (and perhaps the neighbors as well) know what’s going on:

“There’s a squirrel!”

“He’s sitting in a tree!”

“No, wait, he’s moving.”

“Now he’s in another tree.”

Maybe I should buy Windex in bulk.


Do you find signs of stories left by your pets? Noseprints on the windows? Half-chewed stuffies? Mouse toys floating in the water bowl?

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