Haiku by Dog: Volunteer

Haiku by Dog: if you need some help / taste testing that hamburger / I would volunteer.

Today’s haiku is by Tucker.

By the time the humans in the family sit down to eat, the dogs have already been fed. The theory is that full tummies would discourage begging.

The operative word in the previous sentence is “theory.”

Dogs are born masters of the sorrowful whine, the pitiful sigh, the sad eyes that speak of weeks without a mere scrap to sniff, let alone taste. [Tweet]

Lilah, Jasper and Tucker–as well as all the dogs that came before them–are discouraged from begging while we’re eating, or any time. They are never fed from the table (except when Grandma visits, but we’re still training her) and we don’t reward those despondent acts of doggy deceit by giving in and offering treats.

That doesn’t stop them from trying, though.

Jasper will sit next to me at the table and smile. He’ll lift his nose up in the air and inhale deeply of the delicious food that he’s not getting. And then he’ll wag his tale hopefully. The most he gets from me is a pat on the head or scritch under the chin. No food. But he still hopes.

Lilah will sometimes lay her head on my lap, as if to say, “I’m not begging. Really. I’m just resting my head ever-so-sweetly on your lap because I’m cute and I love you and if you happen to have some extra food that you might not need, well, I’m just reminding you that I’m here. But I’m not begging.”

Tucker is the opportunist. He spends mealtimes snarfing around on the floor, looking for any tidbit that might have fallen. Or he’ll just stare at me outright with a goofy expression on his face, his cuteness turned up to 11, hoping I’ll fall for the extreme adorability he’s exuding.[Tweet]

It doesn’t work, though I can’t blame ’em for trying. And it does provide meal-time entertainment.

Do your dogs (or cats) beg for your food?

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  1. zooperson says:

    Begging? My herd has no shame, I don care if they had already eaten the entire turkey prior to sit down, they would tap you at every opportunity to let you know how much they need FOOD. Only Arthur has any manners at all he waits quietly and at a distance. Too often he is rewarded.

  2. Oh goodness… my gang is a bunch of TERRIBLE beggers! They have to get put up in the office during human meal times or they will steal the food right off our plates or even from our mouths! Delilah is more like Lilah — she plays the “I’m so cute and sweet and just want to be lovey” card. Sampson is the sneaky one — he will wait for the opportune moment when we look away or go to take a drink and then he will make his move. Caster is the obnoxious sniffer — he will just try to smell everything, getting right up in our faces and on our plates, smelling and trying to steal bites. Sophie, well, she can’t jump up on the table so she’s not a beggar.

  3. Emma says:

    Part of the reason we keep trying is because we know eventually someone will cave in and we will get something!

  4. Y’know…we don’t beg for people food. We’re not interested in it. But we’ll beg for our own food!

  5. Kitties Blue says:

    We don’t beg for food, but we beg for attention, especially Mauricio. Lily did try to steal a scallop off Mom’s plate a couple nights ago, which is totally out of character. Usually the humans spend time throwing us off the table if we show up at dinner time, but mostly we are not interested. Tucker looks as if he too is quite good at smiling. Ho, ho, ho, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

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