Haiku By Dog: Chicken

#HaikuByDog I know she is there / right behind me just waiting / to take my chickenToday’s haiku is by Jasper.

3 dogs + 13,457 dog toys = 1 stuffed chicken that everybody wants.

Do the math, and you’ll realize that the most coveted toy in the house is the one that the Other Dog has.

Lilah rarely takes toys directly from Jasper or Tucker. Instead she plays mind games with them, tricking them into giving her what she wants. Her most successful tactic is to find another toy, prance around the room with it, tossing it up in the air with such fervor that it becomes quite clear to any canine in the vicinity that what Lilah has is the Best Toy.

In fact, it is the only object worth having.

Inevitably, one or the other of my gullible pups will drop whatever toy they were playing with and steal hers. To keep up appearances, she provides a cursory struggle, a slight tug as if she really does care that someone is taking away her prized possession. Then she lets go, trots over to the toy she actually wanted, her tail wagging with a smug little twitch.

Sometimes, the winner of Lilah’s less desired toy will realize what just happened, and look over at her as she gnaws on its leg. “Hey! What the…? Did she…?”

Lilah never acknowledges her trickery. 

But I can see her smile.

Do your pets play tricks on each other?

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  1. da tabbies o trout towne says:

    dood……we say let her have de burd ~~~~~~~ de catz can tell ya why

  2. Females! They’re trouble … and then they steal THE toy!

  3. Tell her to get her own chicken. 😉

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