Haiku by Dog: Sometimes

Haiku by Dog: sometimes a slow wag can say more than a loud bark,  but only some times


Today’s Haiku by Dog is by Jasper.

It’s the slow wag that gets me. The gentle thump thump against the floor. A slight swish in the grass. A lift of the tail tip. It’s not used to greet you; that calls for much more exuberant wagification. The slow wag happens you walk by, or look in a dog’s direction–and he’s happy simply to be in your presence, or to be acknowledged by you.

Does your dog do the slow wag? What is it like and when is it used?


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14 Comments on "Haiku by Dog: Sometimes"

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  1. da tabbies o trout towne says:

    sumtimes a cat will
    pounce on ewe frum thoze bushes
    beware ther puppy

    Heerz two a yellowtail horse mackerull kinda week oh end !!

  2. Kuruk says:

    Apaws, my poetic pup furriend! Apaws! Have you seen my Haiku jams on my bloggy? Would you be invested in Jammin’ with me? Just Email Mama from my “email me” page.
    Wooooowoooooooooooo, Ku

  3. The slow wag is pretty cute. The cat equivalent is the slow blink, I’d say – love it!

  4. We think the face tells a lot too!

  5. meowmeowmans says:

    What a wonderful Haiku. We LOVE that slow wag around here. 🙂

  6. Rebekah says:

    That is so true. I love your Haiku.

  7. Ann Staub says:

    Very very rarely… usually it’s the full swing at full force!

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