Haiku by Dog: Outside

Haiku by Dog: "Go outside," you said. / "Enjoy winter's gift, the snow." / Can we come in now?
If I’m not on the same side of the door as my dogs (or cats for that matter), then it’s the wrong side. At least that’s the issue at paw in today’s Haiku by Dog.

What about your pets? Do they always need to be on the same side of the door as you? How do they let you know?

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  1. Misaki says:

    i like mummy to come outside with me when I need to go out in the middle of the night. She doesn’t seem to appreciated that though

  2. My kitties don’t go outside, but they definitely like to be on the same side of any door as I am. If I go to the bathroom and manage to close the door before they follow me in, they let me know they are upset by meowing and sticking their feet under the door. So cute!

  3. Sometimes you can have too much snow. 😉

  4. Brooke says:

    Yeah, we know how that feels! Cute picture, though, and great haiku!

  5. Our dogs don’t have a choice at this house as our yard is not fenced. At our old house, Hailey would happily dig the backyard up while we were inside! What a cute picture.

    • Oops! Guess the doggies need a chaperone. Mine get in trouble as well, if I leave the outside by themselves for any significant period of time. Usually it involves eating birdfood.

  6. Mr. N doesn’t believe in separation from me. Except for the bathroom, he’s not a fan of water and baths.

  7. Dawn says:

    😀 Yes, my dogs definitely have to be on the same side of the door as me. They love to go outside, but will want to come in within just a few minutes if I’m not out there with them. They even have me trained to let them in when they are ready to come inside.

    • My dogs are exactly the same way. Sometimes they’ll stay outside by themselves for a little while, but when they realize I’m not out there with them, they come to the door and bang until I let them in. 🙂

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