Haiku by Dog: Comfort

Haiku by Dog: the comfort hound waits / until he is sure he hears / the sound of dog food


Jasper, featured in today’s Haiku by Dog, is a Comfort Hound. He will find the most comfortable spot in the room to lay down. If there’s a couch or a bed, he’s stretched out on it. If there’s a pillow, his heavy head sinks down into the squishy softness. Even when standing, Jasper will  lean into the wall because it’s easier that way.

What about your pets? Do they have certain comfort spots? Do you find yourself giving up the best seat in the house for the comfort of Fido or Fifi?

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  1. Novroz says:

    Hahaha…pets and their food.

  2. What a sweetie! Great haiku!

  3. Olive says:

    BOL! Love this one – I can so relate!

  4. Sounds like Jasper has the right idea! Our kitties are definitely all about comfort – although what’s comfortable for them doesn’t always seem very comfortable to me! Haha. The positions they come up with… 😉

  5. Flea says:

    That’s not my dogs so much as me. 😉

  6. Rooney definitely sleeps ON my pillow lol

  7. That is what our Phod does!

  8. Lately, Sugar enjoys being on the couch 🙂 Happy BlogPaws WW. Golden Woofs

  9. Jasper is looking great in his comfy spot! My cats are always looking for comfort. They normally find it by lying somewhere on my body MOL. Other favorites are the couch and the bed.

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