Haiku by Dog: Yearning

gone for five minutes / yearning written in noseprints / they'll never come back #HaikuByDog #Haikusday #MicroPoetry

Today’s haiku is by Tucker.

The fog of anticipated sadness clouds the front door. I may just be outside getting the mail, or seeing my mom off, or getting a box from the UPS guy. But the dogs—like Tucker above—take it hard. They are used to me being around, since I work from home. So when I leave, it’s a calamity. They don’t know when—of if—I’m coming back.

So we have a little routine when I leave. All 3 dogs come to the dining room, and lie down. Then each gets a dog cookie or dental treat. They march off in different directions, tails wagging, pleased with their treats. I think it makes the parting just a little less painful.

Until the next time.

What do your pets do when you leave?

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  1. Jan says:

    It’s a long time in dog minutes.

  2. Sandy Weinstein says:

    if i am outside working in the yard, sometimes they are on the deck, enclosed, if inside, they move from window to window, i can hear my youngest crying and barking. when i leave the house, i throw treats around the floor to keep them busy while i sneak out the door. they come to the door, bark, want me to stay or take them with me. when i come home, they hear the sound of my car, and are waiting with lots of hugs and kisses and to see if i bought them anything. they sniff at the packages.

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