Haiku by Dog: Welcoming

Haiku by Dog: hearing your return / the welcoming committee / waits impatiently Today’s haiku is by Tucker.

My husband thinks they hear my car even before I pull into our gravel driveway.

The dogs run to the laundry room door, knowing that’s where I’ll enter. And they wait.

So when I’m listening to NPR and one of those driveway stories comes on — the kind where I just have to stay and listen to the end — my poor pups are puzzled. Where did I go? Why am I not coming through the door? What’s taking so long?

Dinner is late. Blame it on NPR.

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  1. Daisy says:

    I can SO relate! I listen to NPR too, and those driveway stories drive Daisy into quite the frenzy while she’s waiting for me to come inside. I think our pups do have a keen sense for our return – Daisy will start anticipating my daughter’s return from work around the same time every day. She doesn’t get thrown off by the changes in sunset times or other people’s car doors – she goes into the family room and perks her ears up for about 10 minutes before DD gets home…even if she gets home late, she won’t get excited until DD’s almost home. Without fail, she’ll start raising the alert (barking, whining) within 30 seconds of DD even hitting the driveway. It’s incredible!

  2. Oh yes. We can tell when the mom is coming up the drive.

  3. Jan says:

    If we could only have hearing like they do…

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