Haiku by Dog: Finished

I’ll come out when you / promise me that you’re finished / with the vacuuming #haikubycat #micropoetry

Today’s haiku is by Tucker.

I’m sure my dogs wonder why I would, for no discernable reason—and way too often according to their calculations—herd a loud and obnoxious monster around the house.

No matter where Lilah, Jasper, or Tucker go, I always seem to follow them with the screeching sucking beast. 

The cats don’t like the noisy scary thing either. Except for Athena. She watches me vacuum, and I’m pretty sure she’s judging me.

But when you live with four cats and three dogs, pet fur tumbleweeds blow across floors and clump under tables. The fur piles in drifts in the corners of our rooms, and lurks under tables, chairs, and bookcases. It is ubiquitous. 

No matter that I sweep the floors every night. It’s not enough; I swear the balls of fur reproduce when I’m not looking. Thus it’s a constant battle against the invasion of the fur—and the vacuum is the best weapon I have at my disposal to do battle against the onslaught.

Even if my pets think it sucks.

What do your pets think of the vacuum cleaner?

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  1. We are exactly the same way. We hate the “rug sucking monster.”

  2. Ruby says:

    Wells, I don’t give two hoots! And sometimes it drives Ma kerazy! Why? Cause I lie in the middle of the floor and don’t move for NOTHIN’! So she is left with an Airedale size dirty spot in the middle of the room. ☺
    Who’s the Boss now?? BOL!
    Thou, it’s not the same with the leaf blower….it’s got my toother marks all over the end of it….☺
    Ruby ♥

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