Haiku by Dog: Two

one pillow is nice / three is probably too many / but two is just right #HaikuByDog #HaikusDay #MicroPoetry #Dog

Today’s haiku is by Jasper.

Whenever anyone asks what breed Jasper is, I tell them he’s a Comfort Hound.

This is a dog that the word “creature comforts” was created for. He is happiest on a couch or a bed, with his head resting on a soft pillow—or two.

Play ball?  Why expend the energy? 

Stuffed toy? It’s okay to chew on, but serves well as a soft headrest. 

Squirrel? Well, that’s a whole ‘nother story. Because that’s when the “hound” part of Comfort Hound appears. Normally lazy Jasper morphs into a long-legged, varmint-chasin’, howlin’ hot on the trail hounddog when a chaseable something is seen…or heard…or scented. And—he’s off and running.

Jasper: the original Comfort Hound.

If you had to come up with original breeds to describe your pets, what would you call them?

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  1. d says:

    bee longz two de catz

    give em bak rite now ore elze

    yea ewe hurd…..ORE….ELZE ~~~


  2. Jan says:

    Chamois is a Miniature Albanian Wolfhound because we were tired of telling people she was a mutt

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