Haiku by Dog: Gravity

The ball was right here. / Then it rolled off the edge. / I hate gravity.Today’s haiku is by Tucker.

One of the things Tucker likes to do with his ever-present ball is to put it places. In a basket. Under the couch. On someone’s lap. Or on top of Jasper’s head. 

The fun part is getting it back from where he puts it. (I think Jasper might argue with that, but that’s another story.)

Sometimes, though, he doesn’t have to put the ball in a new place. It just magically goes there all on it’s own. Like, one minute the ball is on the bench in the family room, and the next minute, it’s on the floor. 

Just like that.

And all Tucker did was nudge it. A tiny bit.

And boom! On the floor. 

When this happens, I swear Tucker is thinking deep thoughts, pondering physics, almost-but-not-quite grasping the concept of gravity. He’ll stare at the ball on the floor, jump down, pick it up, and let it roll off again. Almost like he’s testing a theory.

Maybe my dog is even smarter than I thought. 

Or maybe he’s just enjoying the magic.

What deep thoughts do you think your pets have?

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  1. databbiesotrouttowne says:

    uz catz wanna say
    we dont like gravy either
    wait…forgot I.T.

    🙂 ♥♥

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