Haiku by Dog: Contribution

my contribution: / before you start raking leaves / I shall pee on them #HaikuByDog #HaikusDay #Dog

Today’s haiku is by Lilah.

Lilah, Jasper and Tucker love helping with the yardwork, particularly when it’s time to rake leaves.

Of course, “helpful” is defined by the dogs as:

  • Running through the leaves to break them down into hard-to-rake bits.
  • Lying in the leaf piles so you have to rake around them.
  • Depositing smelly gifts in a leaf pile.
  • Anointing said pile with a golden liquid.
  • Or simply supervising the work from the chaise lounge we haven’t put away yet.

When I come back, I want my dog’s life. 

How do your pets help around the house?

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