Haiku by Dog: Laughing

#HaikuByDog from beneath the leaves / scurrying sound of small paws / and chipmunks laughing

Today’s haiku is by Lilah.

We have a bumper crop of chipmunks this year. At times, there are more than a dozen of them scurrying through our yard, zipping along the fence, and diving under the hosta. While they provide lots of entertainment for the cats—who love watching them zip across the deck—and the dogs—who look at them as chaseable squeak toys, I would prefer that the wildlife and my pets not actually meet. Mostly because it ends badly for the chipmunk. 

This is why I perform a song and dance routine in our yard (complete with clapping) every time I’m about to take the dogs out: so I can scare away whatever critters might be perceived as a Thing That Must Be Chased. Problem is, this time of year, the young chipmunks/squirrels/robins/etc. have not yet learned how to be properly scared of me—or my dogs.

This is also why I sometimes restrict the pups to the area inside our pool fence, and why I have purchased the neatest retractable gates to keep the dogs on the deck, or at least to block off two out of three exits off the deck,so they have to take the long way around and whatever they’re after has a head start.

This is also why I have the Woodlands Wildlife Refuge—the closest wildlife rehabilitation center to my home—on speed dial.

Sorry, Lilah, but I’m glad the chipmunk gave you the slip.

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  1. Jan says:

    My singing is so bad I scare away even the youngest woodland creature.

  2. Those chipmunks are as evil as squirrels!

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