Haiku by Dog: Certain

Haiku by Dog: friends with shared interests / each certain he would be the / one to catch the bird

Today’s haiku is by Tucker.

A riddle: A cat and a terrier are both watching a robin just outside the window. Who catches the bird?

Answer: Neither. The cat pounces at the glass, causing the terrier to bark, which scares the cat, who runs under the table, followed by the dog, who knocks over the chair, causing the human to — once again — come running downstairs to see what calamity has just taken place, and finding the cat taking a bath under a chair and the dog looking confused.

The robin, in the meantime, having flown away at the first pounce, is already back, hard at work building its nest right outside the window.

What do your pets like to watch through the windows?

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