Haiku by Dog: Canvas

Haiku by Dog: sleep: a work of art / drawn with paws, tail and belly / on a dog bed canvasToday’s haiku is by Tucker.

Some work in oils or watercolors. Others sculpt in marble or clay. Tucker’s medium is sleep.

Most dogs nap curled into canine croissants, or doggy donuts. Sometimes they’re sprawled across a couch, all legs and tail. They may lay their heads sweetly upon their paws. They exude comfort.

But Tucker is a sleep artiste. He takes snoozing seriously. No realist, Tucker. He’s more avant-garde, a modernist dog of deviant dozing.

Twisted into bizarre contortions, paws in the air, head angled impossibly, he becomes a Picasso of himself — all angles and distortions.

Yet I swear he’s comfortable. If I wake him from his singular slumber while he’s creatively positioned, he’ll blink, perhaps stretch a leg out, flip a paw, sigh, and dive right back into his unnatural napping.

One can’t always understand genius. One should simply appreciate it.

Do your pets sleep in weird positions?

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  1. da tabbies o trout towne says:

    catz sleep like thiz two
    well, sum oh uz due, sum timez
    happee dreemz two ewe



  2. Our Angel Loupi slept like this too. Purrs

  3. Looks like modern art to us. 🙂

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