Haiku by Dog: Accomplishment

Haiku by Dog: dirty nose a sign / of garden accomplishment / uprooted daisies

 Today’s haiku is by Tucker.

In my garden are annuals, perennials…and holes. To some dogs, there is nothing more satisfying than a hole well dug. n today’s Haiku by Dog, Tucker “nose” the feeling of accomplishment, having helped me decide that my daisies would be better off in a different section of the garden.

Do your pets like to help garden? Do they like to dig? Or snack? (I grow organic catnip and oat grass in pots, so I can bring it inside for my kitties.)

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  1. Earl Lover says:

    What a gorgeous face!

    Lots of Woofs from Earl and I at Earl’s World!

  2. It is a long weekend for us, so we will be having the chance to dig up some flowers!

  3. He does look rather pleased with himself. MOL!

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