Haiku by Dog: 12 Haiku Written By Dogs, Inspired By Snow

Blizzard Jonas came blustering up the east coast recently, dumping record-breaking amounts of snow and whipping it up in fanciful drifts of shoveling nightmares. For the Haiku by Dog canines of Life with Dogs and Cats, it was a good reason to gather up a dozen of their favorite poems inspired by winter.

Here they are:

1) Gift

Haiku by Dog: "Go outside," you said. / "Enjoy winter's gift, the snow." / Can we come in now?


2) Changed

Haiku by Dog: we thought going out / was a good idea at first, but / now we've changed our minds

3) Canvas

Haiku by dog: freshly fallen snow / waits for artist’s paw to sketch / on a blank canvas

4) DistanceHaiku by Dog: Sometimes the shortest / distance between two points is / a series of leaps


5) Question

Haiku by Dog: question arises / from within snow’s cold depths: how / do I lift my leg?


6) Squirrel

Haiku by Dog: no matter how deep / the snow or tall the tree, we / will pursue you, squirrel

7) Tongue

Haiku by Dog: snout deep in cold snow / gently lifted, powdered white / licked clean by pink tongue

8) Fence

Haiku by Dog: truth seen through fence: / the snow is always better / on the other side

9) SnowmanHaiku by Dog: white frozen mantle / covering earh, hiding sticks / snowman lost an arm


10) Wisdom

Haiku by Dog: wisdom from the snow: / stick your face in too deep and / it will stick to you


11) RequestsHaiku by Dog: the requests you make sit. stay. ignore squirrel and bird better be worth it


12) DryHaiku by Dog: though fun, snow is wet; / time to go inside and dry / myself on your couch


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  1. jan says:

    Impressive…the whole winter/snow experience captured in 17. We love the part where we get warm on the couch. Revenge is sweet.

  2. easy rider says:

    wow someone threw icing sugar on your heads… is it sweet?

  3. That is a lot of snow, my friends! Enjoy it and throw a snowball for us. ☺

  4. What a lot of snow ! We loved your haikus, it looks like you enjoy that snow ! Purrs

  5. The snow sure brings haiku inspiration. 🙂

  6. Emma says:

    Enjoy your snow, we are jealous!

  7. meowmeowmans says:

    Oh! Those were all fabulous haiku. “Squirrel” was our favortite, but we loved them all! 🙂

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