Haiku by Cat: Seeing

Haiku by Cat: from up here I see / many things, including the / bald spot on your head



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  1. BOL! I bet you can see more than just a bald head!
    *high paw*

  2. My Haiku by dog for cat: Trouble

    A cheshire smile!
    mischief in abode
    Adventure time above

  3. I am cat
    therefore I am
    enough said

  4. Christine L says:

    Hey, Mikko here!
    MOL! Great post guys!
    Just come by our blog instead of going through all those hoppers!

  5. BoingyDog says:

    BOL! Love it!

    Please check out our cool giveaway with WagAware – bling for dog rescue! We’re #91!

  6. Super cute kitty and funny too! You have a great blog here. I’m glad I found you on the blog hop. I’ll be following you on facebook for sure 🙂

  7. You must be a long way up?! I bet you can see the kitchen from there……

  8. Hahhaha bald spot!!! TOO FUNNY

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