Haiku by Cat: Grace

Haiku by Cat: noble elegance / sublime ethereal grace / the myth of the cat



Years ago I had this image of cats as graceful creatures, gliding through house and yard with balletic beauty, leaping silently and landing perfectly, moving like a barely felt breeze that drifts by with nary a wake to mark its passing.

Yeah, well. Now I live  with four of them. In today’s Haiku by Cat, meet Dawn, the picture of grace.


What surprised you about your pet? What have you experienced that changed the way you thought about cat, dog, guinea pig, llama, turtle, conure, duck, ferret, gerbil, rat, capybara or any other non-human with whom you share your home? 

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  1. da tabbies o trout towne says:

    knocked over de vase
    it iz de dawgs fault, knot R’s
    catz all wayz blame dawgs


    hope everee one enjoys de week oh
    end N heers ta plates oh perch ♥

  2. MOL! Sometimes cats can be graceful… other times, I just have to laugh and shake my head at them. Dawn looks like a sweetie – and good for cuddling!

  3. Oh that’s too funny!

  4. I’ve had a dwarf Dutch bunny, kitties, dogs, turtles – you name it! They all have distinct personalities. Our dog, Hershey, talks back to us when we talk to him. My husband wasn’t an animal person when we met but, boy howdy, he sure is now! I enjoy reading your blog. Found you on Bloglovin! http://www.dianeweidenbenner.com

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