Haiku by Cat: Game

Haiku by Cat: it's time to play my / favorite game: guess why the cat / is irritated

Today’s haiku is by Dawn.

 Maybe it’s something I said. Or didn’t say. Or something I did. Or didn’t do.

With cats, you may never know what you did to cause their disgruntlement, but you always know when they’re displeased.

The flattened ears.

The squinty eyes.

The stare. Oh! The stare.

In this case I think it was because I had the audacity to put a calming collar on Dawn. There were lots of people around and I thought it might help her deal with the tumult. Did it help? I’m not 100 percent sure, but she was very generous with her dagger glare.

How do your pets let you know they’re unhappy?

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  1. Nin sings a different song when he is unhappy. Hailey tells you (loudly) and Phod usually just stares, but may give a quiet woof).

    Love the unhappy face!

  2. da tabbies o trout towne says:

    dawn sayz two tell mom
    best sleep with one eye open
    for a long, long, time !!

  3. Emma says:

    Cats get irritated quite easily!

  4. MOL! That is quite a stare! Delilah is the Queen of letting us know when she’s disgruntled. She actually yells at us. Yes, yells. Well, it’s actually more of a little squeak, but the meaning and intent is clear.
    “You’re not doing what I want” or “Don’t tell ME to stop scratching the back of the couch” …. the Delilah yell. One of my favorite sounds 🙂

  5. We like to give the “stink eye” when we’re not happy. 😉

  6. OMC! You actually put a collar on her in front of other humans? No wonder she is miffed! Humans must never see a cat be submissive!

  7. Skipper says:

    She does look very cross but adorable!

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