Haiku by Cat: Amusement

leaves twirl and dance in / autumn performance just for / feline amusement #HaikuByCat

Today’s haiku is by Dawn.

In the spring and summer, chipmunks scurry across our deck, running against the walls of our house after scrounging for fruits and berries among my potted plants.

In the winter when it snows, I put seeds out in front of the sliding glass doors, attracting hungry birds who gather to feast, wary of the hungry eyes behind the glass.

But in the fall, there’s nothing but leaves, swept back and forth with an invisible windy broom.

To a cat, the dancing leaves are still entertaining. Not as much fun as chipmunks or birds, but when there’s only one channel, you don’t have much choice.

What do your pets like to watch?

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  1. We love watching the leaves too. Sometimes we try to catch them as they fly by…but we hit the glass. 😉

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