Haiku by Cat: Walk

from here to there / you’ll have to walk around me/ since I’m not moving #HaikuByCat #MicroPoetry

Today’s haiku is by Athena.

It’s dinner time, and I’m in the kitchen preparing a meal for my menagerie.

With three dogs and four cats, and a variety of dietary requirements, it’s not as simple as opening a can and throwing food on a plate. I use a combination of dry and wet, plus a diluted version of a freeze-dried food as a kind of sauce to increase my cats’ liquid intake. Thus, putting a meal together means I’m walking back and forth from fridge to cabinet to counter to sink to microwave to counter and so on. 

Along the way, I have feline kitchen managers and canine food prep observers who are all completely convinced if they didn’t supervise my work, it would be done wrong. And would probably be late. Or I’d just forget to feed them altogether.

And then there’s always one—not the same individual; I swear they take turns—whose job is to plant him or herself firmly in the middle of the kitchen floor so I have to walk around, step over, or otherwise watch out for, so I don’t trip, step on a paw, or inadvertently kick them. 

I have yet to figure out what the purpose of this center-of-the-floor position is, but I’m sure it must be important, or it wouldn’t happen for Every Single Meal.

How do your pets help you prepare food?

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  1. jan says:

    They are so good at supervising

  2. We’re usually up on the counter helping the mom get the food in the dishes. She’s really slow.

  3. That’s how it works in this house too!

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