Haiku by Cat: Supervisor

Haiku by Cat: for spotless dishes / use the right soap and hire  / a supervisor

Today’s haiku is by Elsa Clair.

Science tells us that adult cats don’t meow to each other. They meow to people. Apparently, they learn over time that meows get them something, because humans respond when we hear the plaintive sound of a cat mewing.

In essence, they’re training us.

“Meow.” Feed me.

“Meow.” Pet me.

“Meow.” Open the door.

They’re on to something, those cat-studying scientists. But I think when cats meow at us, it’s more than just feline demands.

I think they’re judging us as well.

“Meow.” You’re late.

“Meow.” You’re doing it wrong.

“Meow.” That top definitely does not go with that skirt.

Our cats are supervising, and we’re doing everything incorrectly.

If only we would listen…

Do your pets supervise or give you advice? 

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  1. da tabbies o trout towne says:

    N we bet we noe
    who de sooper vizer iz
    R we rite jasper !!??


  2. jan says:

    I’m quite sure you are right. They must think we are totally incompetent.

  3. We give the mom advice all the time. But she doesn’t always understand us.

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